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You won't get as large of selection than Columbia Heights unless you want to drive. FWIW I've been within last two weeks and it was actually pretty stocked and organized. Maybe it's bc change in seasons but definitely not picked at or a cluster like it ush is. There's also no fitting room attendant because of staffing shortages so you can just walk in without having to wait.

Next best I'd say is NY Ave.

I got in habit of buying online and returning in store bc wider selection of sizes and there's more promos in app.


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I drive 4-5 days a week because of Metro.

Pre-pandemic I had a bus - metro commute and since the time schedules haven't been back to normal. I begrudgingly made the switch to the car commute, then realized it was a blessing in disguise. It reallyyyyy sucks if you miss the bus and next one is in 20 minutes then it's just a domino effect to catching a train. It takes me 20 min to drive or 45min public transportation hitting transfers door to door.

My company gives us either $150/month for public transportation or free parking spot in the garage so it was a no brainer to be like "jk can I switch plz"). It's not even a cost thing bc I used to get $90/month unlimited pass and pocket the rest of my transport benefit...

As service slowly rebounds, I am starting to do a hybrid but damn is it rough to convert back after having the conveniences. I comically got motion sickness when I took metro for first time in months.

In my non work commute, my day to day, I usually walk or ebike bc things I need are within walking/biking distance.

I'm actually planning to move and broadening my geographical search to neighborhoods that aren't directly on top metro line but within a mile and served by bus.


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Reply to comment by lc1138 in Not notified about rent increase by lc1138

Haha well it's not an unreasonable thought. My building two different missed a rent increase I think it just went under rader and bc I brought up at a tenant association meeting asking if anyone else noticed the same and most gave me the side eye bc they got a yearly rent increase 😬


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Check with your LL first and ask for date of notification and mailing date if hard copy.

All my rent increase notifications were letter sent by mail, but USPS has been screwed up for a while.

For example my jury duty summons came a month after I got the email notification.


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Stock wheels on newer model Honda have value on resale market. Particularly the black ones. I opt not to get a model with sport trim kit with black wheels bc (as I told my sales guy) "it'll totally get stolen in DC".


I mean I didn't intend to mess my wheels but when you street park on narrow one ways, you try to get close AF to the curb anyways.


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It's just the NYC treatment. Bc they are only reporting it now doesn't mean it's a new thing. It makes sense it hit NYC later bc they have less car owners.

Many major cities already filed lawsuits against Kia & Hyundai.

From Sept 2022 https://techcrunch.com/2022/09/21/kia-hyundai-sued-after-viral-tiktok-causes-rise-in-thefts/

Current list: https://www.reuters.com/legal/st-louis-sues-hyundai-kia-over-car-thefts-joining-other-us-cities-2023-03-28/


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TBH if you street park it's highly likely you'll scrape your wheels against curbs and get dings etc, it's just a matter of time. It's the reality street parking in a city.

Quicker it happens quicker they make your wheels less desirable than your neighbors car for resale market.

It's the same concept with bikes. Cover your $$$ bike some duct tape, slap on a fake Huffy logo.


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Apple or android?

My phone defaults to Google wallet but Metro is able to detect and pull up smart trip, but there's a lag in the read by the fare reader.

My building access for the office is also via app, so Bluetooth doesn't interfere bc readers are able to differentiate NFC signals.

All I need now is a newer model car that can start via my phone lol


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Agreed. I chose it bc my dining partner is veg but I was pretty impressed they didn't make the menu seem like I was eating same veggies prepared different ways.

Service was great. Wait staff was down to earth but still professional and attentive. It didn't feel pretentious or like we were out of place, not wealthy enough to be eating there like some other fine dining spots in DC.


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Collecting fares on buses. It's a huge back up issue to have each passenger tap card, error, re tap load money, flatten bills etc vs walking directly on bus one after another. It causes back up in traffic and delays bus timetables to load buses and even more exacerbated for n popular routes or rush hour.

They had betas for cash less, temp no fares etc but nothing came from it.


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I'd also recc'd OP check the events calendar. Last I went there on Saturday afternoon, doing brewery trail there was a DJ so the music was pretty loud (almost too loud for me). Tho there are arcade games, tables take up most of the space so not a lot of room for movement or to roam between conversation. Kids were tripping left and right running around since it was Iike a maze to them lol there were spilled beers


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What? I didn't mention anything about brunch lol Restaurants are food places with side of bar.

I think posting 21+ hours is beneficial for everyone.

It just baffled me in your questioning that there would be anyone who when they decided to have kids and embark on parenthood, it was assumed or there was a line of thinking that you could go to places that are primarily drinking like pre kids but just bring your kid?


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>Am I allowed to take them anywhere that is primarily for drinking?

Is this a rhetorical question? Lol No These are adult spaces that were designed and intended for adults. There are reasons why bars and breweries have to explicitly specify they are 21+ over or 21+ over hours.

Same reason why there's family friendly or kid centric where it's explicitly advertised as kids welcomed places or part of their business plan to serve families.

Anyone remember the Midlands parents drama that cause to post age restricted hours??? 👀

ETA: Metrobar of good example. Addressing this and has specific hours and parameters.

"We are proud to be a gathering place for the community, and to welcome families as well as pets into our venue. However, first and foremost, this is an adult space. It is not a park or a playground. We kindly ask that you follow our rules so everyone can enjoy this space. No one – adult, child, or pet – should disrupt anyone else’s experience at metrobar.

Children and Families Children must be within arms length under direct supervision of their guardian at all times. For certain events / nights after 7pm, children under 12 are not allowed. Infants that are not yet of walking age are allowed We do not allow toys that cause any temporary or permanent marks on our guests or property, such as: chalk, yard games, balls, etc."


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I've been to The Lafayette in Hay-Adams Hotel which is the roof terrace restaurant across the street from the white house.

We went during cherry blossom season and they had a Cherry Blossom special afternoon tea so desserts were cherry blossom themed. It was pricey, $85/pp with champagne ($65 wo) but it actually was a lot of food and they packed the leftovers us lol. We sat outside on terrace which was fantastic. I think everyone who wanted a terrace view got an outdoor table.

I've done afternoon tea at Mandarin Oriental (now salamander) and would definitely pick The Lafayette for ambience and quality of food.

Great special occasion spot.

I was celebrating my mom and we walked to check out blossom after.


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>It’s very Loud but only during working hours and on saturdays.

These are typical work hours since it's generally prohibited during night time hours unless they have a special permit or it's emergency work.

As someone else mentioned unless you can get a city inspector out and record the db in not in compliance in noise ordinance & working hours there aren't too many options.