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I didn't even know this existed either until I crossed it and I have lived in the Richmond area for about 6 years. I will say this is in Henrico County near Hopewell. I really have no reason to go out that way. I was just coming home and GPS took me this way. I texted my friend and she was like how did you get here and back before and not know about the bridge. I always took 288 N to Short Pump area (from Midlothian) and got on 295 and then 64 E. The way I usually go and return takes you through Hanover/Mechanicsville area.


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I don't even know what it is. I literally didn't even know it was that kind of bridge until I got home and googled it. For me, it was a physical sensation. I couldn't even see the water, how high I was, or anything around me other than the road. But, I can honestly say I cross the 288 concrete bridge near Goochland and Powhatan line and don't feel any sensation. But, this bridge, my body knew something was different about it even if all I saw was the road. I am wondering, if for me, it is more of an altitude sickness. I know I get the same feeling with underwater tunnels though.


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They essentially moved the NICU to JW from Chippenham. It's literally a few miles down the road. They are sister hospitals. Just deliver at JW and you won't have a problem if your newborn needs NICU and you don't want the ambulance ride. If newborn is discharged and is re-admitted, they would go to Chippenham to PICU/peds anyway.


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They already have parking lot check in and only come in when called. The problem is that the providers are the same and they rotate through their offices. So, even if they segregated the offices of sick and well visits; the providers rotate. If a provider gets sick with RSV while at sick clinic and following day goes to well clinic....they have just potentially infected all the patients at the well clinic.


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This is what I mean. You all have to work and you see well and sick kids. If I take my well baby for his routine visit and am seen by a provider that maybe has nothing more than minor cold symptoms and they don't realize they have RSV...they can give my healthy baby RSV...at the doctor's office...


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So scared my baby will get it. I am even nervous to be going to pediatrician for routine visits when it's time due to possibility of doctor's office staff spreading it to my baby (yes, my baby is up to date on everything, but he will have future visits for well baby check ups) due to them seeing both well and sick kids.