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I wish they would nail all of them for noise complaints. I had a neighbor that would wake me up coming home from the bar at 1am and again before 7am leaving for work. The mother on the other side got so fed up she started pushing his bike over, a lot. I caught her while I was taking my garbage out, Deer in headlights look until I thanked her. Got a few home cooked dinners after that before finally moving.. Just as I thanked her, I'm sure her kids would have if they were old enough to talk more or understand.


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How many do you think could afford a track car and road car? The majority of these people do it on the street because they want to show off. 20 hears ago it was a bunch of idiots doing shit on the Berlin Turnpike. I say take their licence for 10 years and confiscate their car... Even better if they have a loan on it.


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If the car isn't stolen the owner should be responsible as its their car. They can eat the fine/charge or tell police/courts who drove it. If they can't trust someone to own up to their criminal acts in their car then they shouldn't have let them use it.

If someone let someone borrow their gun (not stolen, different circumstances) and then that gun is involved in a crime with no evidence of another driver what should happen to the owner? Are they responsible for their gun?


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I had a regular car tire on a rim in my trunk and hit a tree head on. When I retained consciousness the tire was on my passenger side seat.. Sort of. I climbed out and ran away as there was smoke. The tire broke the headrest and the seat and cracked the dashboard and wedged itself between the floor and seat. Its a bit blurry but I remember clearly seeing how close to death I was and the friend I just dropped off having been even closer.

Stuff in hour trunk can kill you.


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I've actually heard that meth is finally hitting New England and the the dealers in the cities are really pushing it. Its basically a whole new drug with a whole, new, market. I don't know how true it is but it surprises me that we haven't really seen it up here yet especially since the cartels started producing so much of it. Im a recovering alcoholic and been go rehab a couple times, they were big places and out of roughly 300 people only one person was there for meth.


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There are categories called other than or not otherwise specified type which basically means we are calling it X but also labeling that you don't me the normal criteria for the diagnosis. I have some diagnosis like that. I tend to smile and get chatty when meeting people and I am also well spoken, polite and with good manners so I don't present as someone with chronic Major Depression amongst some other stuff. Its basically a combination of long time masking of my mood and how my anxiety presents itself. I smile a lot and get very talkative and "social" but its anxiety. I also isolate a lot so I get fairly lonely and when I am in a situation I have to interact with people all the above happens.


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From what you shared personally and hour sources I want to say two things, I am sorry for what you went through growing up and the problems it caused as your life continued as an adult, and the other is I want to commend you for the work you have and are putting into being a better person. I have experienced a lot of trauma and it is so hard to climb out from the mess. I grew up in a small town and kinda managed to live in a bubble until almost 30, even as an alcoholic. Both parents suddenly died 18 months apart with no warning. Mental health tanked, drugs were added and final homelessness where I saw the worst of the worst and honestly some of the best of the best. But the bad burns itself into your mind and eventually that "scaring" hides the good things and all that a left is fear, mistrust, and a sense of helplessness. If you can implement these things into your life where the real challenge is and where I struggle and fail. I really wish I could be as naive as I once was, ignorance isn't necessarily bliss but it allows for much more contentment with however things are currently going.

Thanks for sharing all this, I got a lot from it and its clear you shared it because you did as well. Ill be watching/reading your links over the weekend.


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Isn't that perhaps dangerous? Your telling people your house is currently unarmed bit that in the future it would be a great place to steel a gun from and as neighbors it would be easy to learn your schedule. They also wouldn't look out of place in the general area around your house/property.