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TFW you're chilling at the honey & goat cheese fried bread stand after exfoliating in the Roman Bath steam room, and some jerkoff is reading a fable out loud right next to you.

You try to leave, but he follows you into the public toilet area. After you pour the water jug to flush the toilet, a little bit of it splashes on his parchment paper and he gets really mad, starting a fight where he cuts you with an ornamental dagger.

3 weeks later, you die of an infection from the cut after your doctor prescribed a treatment of ground-up spices and herbs that did literally nothing to help.


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They're used to their stricter legal system. If they lived under a democratic system with more personal freedoms, they would 100% feel oppressed as hell right now in China under it's current authoritarian "keep your head down and you'll be okay" system.

Also, the Chinese people have a unwritten deal with their government to sacrifice personal freedom in exchange for rapid economic growth.

Once economic growth slows down, China needs to rapidly pivot to offering sweeping "human rights improvement" legislation. If they fail to do this (I seriously doubt they'd actually pass democratic reforms), the Chinese people are going to flip out and go ape shit.


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I looked it up and they're apparently edible (I don't think they taste all that great), but the skin of some specific species of palm fruit will sting/burn a little bit if you eat it.


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I was about to say, if you tried breathing on a habitable planet you'd probably inhale some super toxic or deadly stuff almost immediately. You would 100% need an extremely reliable and high quality filter to make the air safe to breathe even if it's the same composition as on Earth.

Multiple generations of humans would need to gradually develop immunity to the planet's natural threats, unless we could make some insane tech to compensate for it


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TLDR from the article:

  • TOI-700e is about 101 light years away, it's in the habitable zone of a red dwarf star (so it'll be tidally locked)

  • orbital period is 27.8 days

  • it is around the same diameter as the Earth, slightly more massive

  • "87% chance" that it's a rocky planet

  • it is pretty much on the very inner edge of the habitable zone, like it's possibly slightly too close

IMO seems unlikely to be habitable. I think a gas giant in the habitable zone of a red dwarf would be more likely if it has a possibly habitable rocky moon around the size of one of Jupiter's moons. If it has multiple moons, maybe two of them will be habitable.

The moon wouldn't be tidally locked to the star, it would be orbiting the gas giant, so it should get more evenly distributed sunlight