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I'm 35 and have an engineering degree and my wife is a ICU nurse. I just learned how this stuff works like 6 months ago when I read the Magic School Bus book to my kid where they go inside the human body. Before that I just never even took the time to think about it.


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Something I have never understood at all is why so many movies based on books change the whole story around. To me it is so confusing. You have a great book. There is. Whole story in there and all you have to do is film it. It is just so weird.


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I know almost nothing about computers. I remember in the documentary they made this seem pretty significant. Can you tell me a little about what a zero day is and why it is so significant? Are they really hard to do/make/get? Maybe EILI5.


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It's the same thing in UFO circles. They think different scientists just simply refuse to admit there are UFOs because it would hurt their egos and prove them wrong and "completely destroy their worldview". Neil degrasse tyson is a big one. They think NDT has to much vested interest in NOT thinking UFOs are real that he won't admit the evidence shows that they are. They completely skip over the fact that all the evidence they have is circumstantial and there actually really isn't any hard evidence and just assume it's because NDT lacks whatever enlightened reasoning they have. I would bet a years worth of salary that NDT would LOVE for UFOs to be real. He would be one of the first people in the world to write a book and do a TV show about them plus whatever personal interests he might have in intelligent beings figuring out how to travel many light years across the galaxy to come fuck with us.