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A great suggestion someone gave me when I was looking years ago was to try the morning commute and see if you are okay with it. It might be easier to do the "evening" commute unless you feel like waking up early.

There's a difference between 93 and rt 2 when it comes to commuting into the city. But see if that will make you want to do the move.


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It's lots of dials that all need adjustments. You are 100% correct.

I dated a woman years ago who worked in the Boston City schools. She was a kindergarten teacher. She said if a student cannot take off their coat, hang it up and come back to her - she said they could not pass Kindergarten. She said most kids could not do that. They couldn't follow 3 steps of instruction.


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#1 - pro choice, reinforcement of birth control in grade school and high school.

#2 - jobs jobs jobs. High paying ones. Take those who are not working and get them jobs.

#3 - Jobs can equal health care. But yes, better low cost healthcare.

#4 - day care to help those who have kids. And not just any daycare, hands-on, moral/ethical lesson plan day care. These kids are not getting it at home.

Then wait 20 years.