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>Interviewing is a huge pain in the ass, regardless of role.

I'm a plumber. every interview I had, apart from my initiation as an apprentice, was an informal ~10-15 conversation. I got one job while leaning my forehead against the sales counter at a wholesale parts warehouse, when a dude walked up and told the counter guys to refer anyone looking for a job to him, and I raised my hand and said I'd take the job, less than a minute unscheduled interview to get that job.

Another interview; I had just gotten my $15 bowl of chicken noodle soup with zesta crackers at a ski resort lodge and sat down at a random table. Guys at the table were talking about their projects in the resort town. I pulled a PBR out of my jacked pocket, cracked it open, and I butted in to asked "you need a plumber...?". They asked "You got a license?", and I was like "yeah I got a license." Pulled my master plumber endorsement card out of the wallet and slapped it on the table. $45/hr with full benefit suite, that job lasted 4.5 years before I rage quit.


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>Please explain how to be laid off and not make 0 I live in an at will state and makes it impossible for unemployment.

If you're laid off due to staff reductions and not fired for cause, your employer is literally telling the state you qualify for unemployment insurance benefits.


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>Each battery is different, but each of the small batteries I would say the average is something like a Capri Sun pouch, some are bigger, some are smaller. Also, they are pouches, with layered cathode and anode layers (negative/positive), with separator layers between and an electrolyte slurry inside.

Not in Tesla's, they just stack a bunch of A cell, B cell or D cell sized LiIon batteries in the box.


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>Smells like this

Why? Did al-Qaida claim responsibility for that incident?

Because Islamic State had someone on site filming it, like they do for most of their attacks like this, and they posted the video to their 'news network' and claimed responsibility for the attack 4 days ago. That would be pretty deep ties between Iranian republican guard and Islamic state, or some deeper wilder conspiracy.


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>This is either the hardliners trying to force hardline policies, or it really is IS trying to push this revolution in their direction.

i don't see why the hardliners would need this to force their policies. IS is regularly bombing or shooting up Iranian military and government/political sites already prior to this current uprising.