WildGrem7 t1_je7p7mu wrote

If you think we will have viable working fusion for the masses in 10 years, you’re delusional. They haven’t even broken Q>1 yet and to make it vaiable the need far far greater than that and far more frequent than the 1 or so reactions a day they’ve been able to achieve. Not to downplay the advancements that we have had in the last decade - they are huge - but the cost of getting that Q up to the needed 5-10 will be astronomical then actually getting reactors up and running will take a lot least a decade alone if you compare them to current nuclear reactors from scratch to energy production. You’re looking at…………30 years. Minimum. Lmao.


WildGrem7 t1_jdt43ti wrote

Think about our physiology, center of gravity and motor controls. There are so many moving parts to think about. Bipedal walking is so much more difficult to emulate than quadrupeds or even better, tank tracks or wheels. Might as well ask why we don’t have Voltron robots or Mech-Warriors instead of tanks and fighter jets.