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Okay. I'm 26. I'm going to a university to get my bachelors. And the university is a relatively low cost public university. With my bachelors, two minors, and side associates I'm working for, it's going to take me about 5 years for my degrees and minors. Now, I live alone in a single bedroom apartment. Relatively cheap for where I live. A little less than 900 per month. And most other living expenses are covered in my apartment besides electricity which costs about 65 a month for how I live currently. I also have a cheap relatively old, but reliable used car with actually really good has mileage of 30 miles per Gallon. I also have low income myself and have free Healthcare where I live as well as I receive about 200 a month from a local program to help with my food expenses.

Now, having a noteably low income such as me and being fully independent I receive a healthy amount of financial aid for school and living expenses.

However -and I've done the math for this already out of personal curiosity- if I didn't receive financial aid, the next five years all together with both living and school expenses, with me living completely alone. Just paying for myself. It would cost me about 300,000 dollars.

Now, that's not a million dollars. But it is 30% of a million in only five years. And with this I finish with the same economic standing I started with. Broke. Haha!

And after I finish my bachelors I will continue my schooling for my masters and eventually my doctorate. Now this holds different economic terms, but still, my point is - a million dollar isn't that much.

I personal could live a similar lifestyle to what I am now for only about 15 years with a million dollars. And being 26 I'd still have a long time after that to go. And that's living in the same cheap living I am.

Now, I understand it varies by person, area, situation, action, etc. But still.

In reality, right now, a million dollars isn't much.

If I was given a million dollars in cash with no catch or consequences, I would hold on to it tight, keep it safe, and spend it smart. Because it takes more than a million.


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Likely. However, seeing as there is no way to definitely show the imagined image of the characters by the readers without outside influence, and impossible to definitely record all interpretations, this is indefinite. Although unlikely, it is possible for the imagined appearance of a character be the same for two separate readers.