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[mTBI = mild traumatic brain injury i.e., concussion]

Won’t make too much of a difference, I imagine.

You can receive a mTBI from a hit to the chest. No direct contact to the head is even required.

Think of the brain like an egg. You can scramble and egg in its shell if you shake it hard enough back and forth. No need to “hit” the shell at all.

Another similar example is why soldiers can receive concussions from explosions without hitting their heads.

mTBI’s can (mostly) be mitigated by neck stabilization, but that comes with it’s own issues and impracticalities — won’t work in most sports really.

However, the brain cannot be completely stabilized inside the skull. So, mTBI’s cannot be 100% avoided regardless of the equipment used.


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What are your opinions on the subject of IQ?

My main gripe with the tests (I took a WAIS-IV) is that there are potentially many variables that are not accounted for when taking the test, thus I feel that anyone’s result is just a snapshot of that person’s “intelligence” at that point in time, but the value is not static except for perhaps in the best of conditions where many of the variables have the same values.

What I mean is, what if someone stayed up for 48 hours and took a test? Do you believe this would impact one’s score? How about longer than 48 hours? What if they did not eat properly, are extremely stressed, etc.?

It’s why I have a hard time when psychologist try to warp qualitative data into quantitative results. Take height, for example. In any of the variables I listed above, a full grown adult’s height would remain static. That is because it is a quantitative result — unlike IQ.

I understand how much research has been conducted on IQ and it’s validity, but I would like to see more data and research from neurology than the soft sciences.


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Careful with that logic.

The pills work the same for everyone regardless of diagnosis. If they didn’t, the. Why did you take it in the first place?

It’d be like saying alcohol only makes people who are actually alcoholics drunk. Of course, with the right dosages it makes anyone drunk.