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Check out Gary Willis if you haven’t. He talks about the value of Women in Islam. Specifically talks about the two women equivalence to men. Just interested in your thoughts. Misogyny is rooted to the very core of man nature and im sorry for that.

Edit: couple extra thoughts; Misogyny probably stems from greed, lust, and envy. These trait are in both genders. However men have physical strength over women while women have (i dont really know the term so imma call it magic) over men but that same magic is whats pushing men to use their physical strength. My question is why is that our design. Islam actually tells us that the internally peaceful human is that which doesnt give in to desire and the one that does is filled with chaos and conflict and in a sense same is true about misogyny.


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There are a lot of muslim countries where societies of different faiths co-exist and those people are usually just fine with how things are. Im not saying these societies or countries are perfect. Im sure people there go through bouts of shitty things. Women as well have to deal with things men dont have to deal with. So there are issues that you bring up. Im not denyng that. However, its definitely not to the point where co-existing is not possible or favorable. People of different minorities and their quality of life depends on the ideologies of the leaders. Thats why Im not with religion being the basis for government. Either way the arabic world is westernizing at a very fast pace coupled with social media and with that the slow erosion of the issues you mentioned. When it comes to the LGBT+ matter its different from faith and honestly I dont know a right answer. Of course the way theyre treated is horrible. Its not easy for someone in my position to discuss this specific thing cuz I dont really have it all figured out. Theres the side of my faith that expresses explicitly the catastrophe that fell upon followers of this path. I don’t know what its like to be in their shoes so i wouldnt even call it following a path. All I know is that the modern solution is not simple or known but that some tolerance should be given.


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Funny thing is im an engineer. Im interested in so many scientific phenomena and technological innovation is a very big interest of mine. We cant disregard our history. All the books you seem to despise have an immense amount of lessons that we really shouldnt ignore. If we stop tunnel visioning on all the negatives addressed in them and maybe objectively look at what has been passed down to us for hundreds and thousands of years, maybe we can then find the breakthrough in civilization. Man shit I wanna know if were alone or not too.

Edit: probably all of history not just the religious books


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I guess there is some truth to that quote and I never really thought about it that way. Its a pretty interesting take. I personally have lived my entire life in a muslim country but I wasnt really religious. My actions certainly didnt show religion. It was after I got out of the muslim country and came to live in the west that I started to take my religion seriously. Take that as you will.


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Interpretation of course plays a massive role in understanding religion. These books were created at very very different times where taboos today was the norm back then. Setting plays into understanding the story. However that doesnt mean that the message of being kind and good to all and accepting that everyone is different for a reason and that is for humans to learn to co exist is very clear and almost needs no interpretation. The way I see it In islam is that its not the humans right to declare another human an enemy of God and its not the humans right to enforce islam or its ideologies on another but simply give advice. I refuse to accept that just because someone is causing harm falsely in the name of Islam that I should deem the religion in a negative image.