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What you are describing is called thermal dynamics. We all know hot air rises, and cool air sinks. As long as the air is moving you have an exchange of energy. As the hot air rises, it creates a vacuum below it that pulls in colder air from below. The cooler air saps energy from the hot parts and gains heat. It then takes the heat and rises with the hot air above creating another vacuum below. That also pulls in fresh new cooler air to surround the hot parts. This continuous movement creates a convection or cycle if you will that keeps air from becoming stagnant. When you have stagnant air the air can only absorb so much heat. Circulating air can absorb more heat away from hot parts do to it being in motion. Thats how fans typically work is to force a convection of cool air to push stagnated hot air out of the way, so cool low energy air can absorb heat energy and travel away from the hot surface.


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How fast is the Andromeda galaxy moving?

Edit: i realize I’m on reddit, not being smart ass, but i was wondering how we use those speeds to calculate how long until the milky way and andromeda collide. Thats why i was curious how fast is andromeda moving? Re-reading my initial question sounded sarcastic. Sorry i do that. Im autistic.


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Even if you could move another super massive black hole next to another super massive black hole close enough to distort the gravity well of the event horizon, to drop a tethered camera into the event horizon, you would have distorted where in space the event horizon actually is, and would need to go deeper. If you could properly suspend a ship(with out it tearing itself apart in such an extreme environment) between 2 black holes, and carefully navigate both their orbits, (as they too are moving objects)hang a long enough tether that is lets say more indestructible than the fictional adimantium, with a camera on end, and casually dipped it in for a look see beyond the event horizon. #1 it would start off so incredibly bright it would blind a camera, let alone a human eyeball. You gotta think it is absorbing so much material and splitting and fusing atoms together not to mention not letting light( photons which have zero mass) escape its gravity well to a point it creates an event horizon in the first place. All those photons are just as trapped as physical material that does have mass. It would be brighter than taking a human eyeball into the core of the sun where fusion acts. Billions of years of photons cascading inside never to leave would be the most brightest thing beyond your imagination. #2 Lets say we made our camera indestructible. After you proceeded down past the outer layer, i would imagine it to be like any star, the mass of material begins to coalesce into liquids and then solids and fusion continues on the inner layers until you reach the core, at which point the stupendously bright light and speed of which material almost nearly falls at 0.95% the speed of light and is evacuated again at 100% speed of light, the gear shifts in material exchange would boggle ones mind to the point that one couldn’t fathom the idea. But basically to peer through the event horizon of a black hole would be like looking at any other star. Granted that star is a million times the mass of our solar sun or more, but yeah. It would just be another star.

And that my friends is how you write a kurzgesagt video


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Unless our universe’s explosion into this dimension came from the implosion of matter into a massive black hole. Meaning every black hole we observe could be another universe inside. Even if this wild and outlandish idea were true, you would still be unable to pierce the event horizon of the black hole that made our universe. Let that disturbing thought sit on your noodle as it did mine. Sleep tight.


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I agree, its not the harm from AI itself directly toward humans, its the harm caused by humans who have access to AI as a tool and wield it to influence society to their world view. We are already in a position where a select few decide the rules of the game we play call society, and the select few usually win at this game. Handing over a game genie full of cheat codes to the select few that generally always win, further solidifies their position of power to stamp out any unwanted change by that group, regardless the impact it has to the rest of the world, so long as the select few are nice and comfy in their ivory towers. If you believe for a second that those with the ability to harness powerful AI for their own personal benefit would be benevolent enough to share said tool with the rest of us, I have beach front property in a land locked region to sell you for a very affordable price.


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For a power supply for the ship is one thing, and somewhat a bit sketchy at that (a hypothetical of the challenger event spreading radiation across the upper atmosphere of our globe, and what those ramifications would be comes to mind). But atomic propulsion is an entire can of worms unto itself. In space i can propel my body in a space suit with a can of compressed air like computer duster. Granted not very far or for very long. The size of the reactor, combined with the size of the thruster, combined with the size of the fuel load, and ignoring the safety ramifications, makes it all one giant, overcomplicated machine long before we have considered payload, plus passengers. Not to say some smart cookie hasn’t or couldn’t come up with such a system, but if i was the pilot of an imaginary spaceship such as this, id rather prefer you send me up there with a mega sized can of computer duster.


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Sadly Marimo moss balls are in danger and have been for a while. The Aquarium hobby is an unlikely yet surprising champion in the conservation of them. They are in fact not an aquatic moss, but a species of macro algae, and some marimo balls have been known to live for over 100 years if kept properly. They get their round ball shape by tumbling under water like tumble weeds do in the dessert. They even produce extra pearling (or oxygen bubbles) to promote buoyancy in the morning to help them float and grab up more sunlight durring day time hours and then slowly float back down in the evening and rest at the bottom.


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Dont quote me, second hand knowledge here and i dont know how true it is. I was told that the automatic stop on the trigger from the pump works better when the engine is off. Something about the running engine that dosent happen all the time but can cuase the pump handle to not shut off when the tank is full causing a spill on to the ground. Again my source said it dosent happen all the time, and i cant verify my sources info. Beyond that i dunno.


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Once gas contained inside a pressurized tube escape (inevitably it will escape, balloons shrink too) it cant re pressurize. Entropy dictates that the pressure inside a balloon or tire is trying to stabilize to atmospheric pressure. Only the tire or balloon wall is preventing that from happening. But they all slowly leak regardless which is why you have to re inflate anyway. Cold weather exacerbates this process. Cold temperatures drop pressure which reduces the effectiveness of a good seal on your wheel. Low pressure tires lose air faster than high pressure tires because the shape of the tire with pressure produces a better seal. Once the seal is compromised by temperature change it losses more pressure.