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Star trek discovery may be a pile of utter woke crap where the insides of the turbolifts are 100s of times bigger than the rest of the ship "somehow", but programmable matter was a pathetic and badly-done idea.

and it looks like OP took the poorly thought out concept and ran with it.

still at least STD has one fan....


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the entire post is "what if we all became sugar-sorcerors and could make sugar somehow 500,000 billion times sweeter." ?

**Most nutrition experts today will agree on at least one thing: that sugar should be treated as a poison in every respect. ** Yes I remember the warnings. Even a single teaspoon of sugar in your tea causes you to explode with 3x the power of the Hiroshima bomb.

10s of billions of people explode every single day because of eating a mars bar, or licking the spoon when making a cake.

Final thought - if this university has "solved" sugar, why doesn't it sell the tech right now for 100s of billions in USD. Every single food manufacturer on earth would be in a bidding frenzy, as they'd essentially conquer the entire market for food within a few months.


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OP you've killed a guy who was in love with invisible you.

YOU may be the ghost in this story, and your apartment fell into this guys universe.

Thats how your bras all changed...its a parallel universe to ours, except humans are invisible and bras are made of a different material, but otherwise its identical.