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chiropractors are completely unregulated and pseudoscience. a massage therapist has more licensing and training. in fact, there are 1000's of lawsuits, including CHILDREN who have been paralyzed and hurt long term from bad chiropractors.

go to an actual massage therapist and a physical therapist. with actual degrees and training. fuck chiro. scum bags.


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i can accept death while having a voice mail of my mom singing happy birthday downloaded on my computer. don’t you dare tell me i can’t.

sorry but you’re trying to dictate how i deal with my feelings without any context and it’s gross. let me do what i want, and you can have your opinion but don’t double down when i tell you no. 👋


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i’m sorry to hear that. i’m actually adopted so i came from a mother who chose drugs. i know im also very lucky and privileged to have an experience like this with my adoptive mom. i purposely put “loved one” in the title because love is not always blood.

thanks for sharing though, all perspectives are valid and you sound like a big ole heckin sweet heart ❤️


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yeah i have so many regrets, like asking my mom about all her artwork, our family heirlooms, etc. this weekend i’m having a “spa” day with my mom where i being a face mask and nail polish. if she’s up to it i’m going to make a lil video of her, even if it’s nonsensical. as long as she’s smiling and not in pain. thank you for commenting ❤️