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I used Nokias for years since probably my second phone after Samsung C45, mostly Nokia 2100 and Nokia 6230 and 6230i. Then there were Lumia 820 and 625. I loved these to the Moon and back (pun intended) and still feel like Microsoft Phone was way better than the way it flopped.

It was fast on a budget, their flow keyboard was stellar (and is still available I believe) and quite sturdy. I loved the tiles design for when you only use a couple dozen apps and the rest sit in the list.

It wouldn't work for someone with hundreds of apps though, spread accross six to seven screens they almost never use, except if heavily using folders (that I still have to use though). That's what my current phone looks like, but it's mostly me, hating on the apps situation.

In my Android phone I've decided to just delete links to almost everything and just search for them.


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I'm still at XR I got as a present. Only thing I did was paid some hacksmiths to install way more memory in it.

The camera really lags behind in comparison to newer models, but other than that it's still really good.


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I saw a great argument that Passengers were released the same year and suffered from miscast too.

Hilariously, if you swapped Chris Pratt with DeHaan both movies would be elevated. The scripts and directing would still be a major pain, but DeHaan as a sad creepy passenger and Pratt the Superhero Chad would work way better.

Also the recut Passengers would've been way better. And Rihanna scenes weren't needed.

Well, overall, both movies could be better, but the miscast idea still stands.


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I think we can also kinda explain it by either Morpheus not exactly understanding what's happening there, or him dumbing the visuals down for Neo. But in reality yeah, I'm 90% sure they were like "People know what batteries are but they have zero understanding what a CPU is, most of them would lose the flow of the moment if they don't know what Morpheus is showing or if he has to explain more, so we need to change it to something everyone will immediately understand"

Also, another important thing I just thought of as I was writing this very comment - CPUs have some values and are not cheap in general. Batteries are practically worthless and easily discarded as soon as they're depleted.


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My guess yeah, that would kill off anything. A handwave I have is that there's still obviously some light coming through or it would be, well, pitch black, and some algae and lychen are thriving, and these actually give off a lot of oxygen.

But it's no hard science fantasy, it's more of a philosophical anime, so I don't think there's a real explanation.

After all maybe the robots are lying and they have harnessed the nanites a long time ago and keep them in a huge cloud above human's settlement to punish them basically, and the rest of the planet is walled off and there's only server farms between lush forests where robots walk holding hands.

Because the initial idea of humans as batteries was actually "humans brains as the CPUs" but no one knew what a cloud computing is, but everyone used 8 D-sized batteries to power their audio system for 45 minutes, so they knew this metaphor. The idea that Matrix is a human prison ran with processing power of human minds trapped inside is beautifully dark and poetic imo.


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Iirc the people use like the heat of the core to survive. And no one really knows how long it's been since the war. I've read somewhere that if the machines wanted it, they probably can disperse the nanite cloud that shrouds the sun and rehabitate the land. Now that they're at peace after third part, they could theoretically do just that.