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It can be a bit of an echo chamber, not just in terms of politics, but you do fairly regularly see people with either a valid question or even an unexpected (and possibly not well liked) correct answer get downvoted into oblivion.

However at least it doesn't outright promote controversial content.

Did worry a bit when I recently got invited to do a reddit survey and there were a bunch of questions about discovering new content/subs. I sincerely hope we don't end up with r/all or trending new subs being forced into our regular home page.


WinterNL t1_ir9colm wrote

Would probably cause more issues than it solves. It's slower and horribly inefficient.

On top of that, wireless charging has already been explicitely mentioned as something that could also be standardised (this is from the directive itself): >It is also necessary to provide the basis for adaptation to any future scientific and technological progress or market developments, which will be continuously monitored by the Commission. In particular, the introduction of harmonisation of the charging interfaces and the charging communication protocols should in the future also be considered with respect to radio equipment that could be charged by any means other than wired charging, including charging by means of radio waves (wireless charging).