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I've purchased two Hearthstone wood stoves from them, but they never needed anything other than an occasional firebrick replaced. However, I converted to a gas insert since I'm gone a lot and needed something that would not need 'feeding', plus the price of wood skyrocketed. The $$$$ gas unit has not worked consistently since the first winter. Never stays lit, always a hassle and CSShop doesn't really care. The 'one' time I had a competent technician (Damien?) show up, it still never stayed working thorough the winter. So now, it's been disassembled since Thanksgiving and I've called and called. They say, oh the part just came in... then NOTHING.. If I can ever get them to come back and re-assemble it, I will take them to court if they try to bill me. I've been told about a place in Williston (not the flag shop), that is competent. I'll give them a shot next time. It's pretty frustrating and there is so little competition in VT.


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They are wonderful BEFORE the sale.. Expect zero service after the sale. I'm still waiting for them to come back to fix my expensive gas insert since Thanksgiving. If it wasn't for the Heat Pump I put in two years ago, we would have been quite a bind. How they stay in business is a complete mystery to me.


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I did say it was overlooking Shelburne Bay. It can only be from Spear St. In Shelburne, VT. Adirondacks in the background should have given it away. Dogspam? Really?


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Nope, no hidden fees and no contract. Honestly, I can't imagine how they make money. I have tmobile cell service, which can be tricky in parts of vermont, but overall, pretty darn good. BUT.... Best thing out there if you are a t-mobile customer is TMobile Money. Check it out. I know I sound like a commercial, but I'm a huge fan of the company.


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If you are lucky enough to get T-Mobile 5G internet in Vermont, JUMP on it!! $50/mo for ‘all you can eat’ including taxes is the best thing you’ll ever get. I have it in Florida, but it’s not available where I am in VT. The service is very stable, the router takes a few mins to set up, and you can take it with you if you travel (and service is available). I have no clue why it’s not available for the whole state, but again, if you are in a place you can get a signal, DO IT. I’m still on the wait list for south Burlington.