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The man was already facing sexual assault charges from 2019. The allegations came from a foreign exchange student who lived with him. So he's got 9 adopted children and facing a sexual assault charge against a child and still keeps his adopted children. I know it's complicated and social workers can only do so much but it's just frustrating seeing this type of thing. It seems so obvious he should not have been responsible for children while in a case about sexual assault of a child.


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Unlimited talk text and data for me and it's 75$ a month. That's one phone and could be cheaper. 100 for a phone on a 3 person plan means either you are paying 3/4 of the bill or your parents have an absolutely asinine phone plan that you would be better off leaving anyway.

Do yourself a favor and sever all financial ties with your parents and continue your relationship as equals. Your mom may think of you as her little girl still but your not. You should be on your own and I don't just say that for your benefit. The longer your mom thinks it's acceptable to act this way the harder it will be to curtail the behavior. Change nothing about the way you are around them except the finances and see what happens. If you continue normally then there is no issue. If your mom makes an issue out of the money then you can dig into why this financial control is so important to them.


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Reply to Maypole (OC) by LeeroyM

It reminds me of the festival women at windmill village in the game elden ring. They sacrificed people to take their skin and make clothing out of it.


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I missed the start of the game so when I turned it on was when Lawrence threw his 3rd pick. The first thing I thought was wait Lawrence has thrown 3 picks now and the chargers only have 10 points? That's really not good. I never believed the jags would come back and win it but after seeing that I knew they definitely had a chance.