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Good and Evil . . .

The duality betwixt the two had governed the world I called home. Their very concepts imbued within the fragile society of order and anarchy. Thus , heroes who sought to uphold " justice " and villains that sought to destroy it were born. An endless cycle of never-ending conflict with no victors in sight. Never in history had there been a being that was born in one or the other , a true mix of both concepts. Having both sympathy and apathy within them , able to enact either side until now.

I've always been one who did not care for the quarrels of the heroes and villains that occupied everything. It was such a bore and annoyance having to hear the constant bickering in the classroom on which side was better. I held my own interest ───── arts , science, mythology, and alike, but such did not matter. My peers were either puzzled or looked at me with discontent, resulting in being alone for most of my youth. I did not mind it , it gave me solace truth be told. I was able to enact my own ideals and dreams without the worry of upsiding oppositions. I grew to learn many things such as woodworking , martial arts of a grand variety, and many skills other deemed useless.

Then , my eighteenth birthday arrived. My parents, who were heroes, anxiously awaited the announcement of what side I would be placed in. My elder siblings were all placed within the hero class with the exception of one, but we do not speak of them much. Once the mayor looked upon the piece of paper , he stared for a moment, his eyes widened as they rapidly dragged over the piece they were given. Sweat dripping profusely from the side of his temple afore he hesitated to speak.

My mother nearly fainted whilst my father had the most puzzling of looks. Everyone began to whisper amongst themselves whilst I stood there , always dawning my stoic visage. In reality, I was quite relieved , finding out that I would not be placed in this endless dreadful cycle of good and Evil. . .


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As these deities of grand varieties spoke ───── ; bickering on the logistics on this so called " Father " , the gate to their strong was suddenly pushed open by a violent force. Their voices hushed , their gazes now snapped at the one that dared to disrupt the meetings of such important entities. Beings as Thor and Ares readied their weapons , eager to exact their own form of divine retribution upon this would be invader , that was until the world itself had grown cold. The countless candles that surrounded them were snuffed , endless inaudible whispers filled their ears as the looming shadow of some entity loomed over them.

〝 State your business. 〞Athena spoke , breaking the silence with her assertive words. Filled with pride and seemingly unwavering courage but even she could not hide the trembles that plagued her autonomy.

〝 I'm here cause I heard rumors of Gods alike wish to speak about the idelogies and beliefs about HIM * . Well allow me to bestow upon you the knowledge you so desperately desire. 〞The unknown figure spoke , their voice smooth as silk , filled with a sense of alluring that one could easily drop all form common sense and allow themselves to be taken by such embrace. The fluttering flapping of wings echoed , followed suit by the reverberating sound of footsteps. Once again, the gods remained silent until the figure now stood before them all. A slight chuckle escaping their lips afore they finally spoke again.

〝 My name is Samael but you may refer to me as 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐈𝐅𝐄𝐑. 〞

Suddenly, a burst of a thousand voices sputtered about. God's speaking amongst each other as they came to realization of this being was. They heard rumors , tales about an angel ───── ; one made in absolute perfection, loved and adored by his creator casted down into depths of the underworld after he sought to overthrown them. Taking over heaven for their own seemingly nefarious purposes.

〝 Speak then , devil. What knowledge of your creator do you wish to provide. 〞The All - father , Odin commanded from this beast of sin.

〝 That depends , for the knowledge I will provide is up to interpretation. 〞He retorted back.

〝 For you see , that's how he works. His words , his laws , his wisdoms ───── ; everything is not as defined as one would believe. Thats why you see so many mortal men utilize his name and faith to condone the actions and atrocities they commit. 〞Lucifer said as he walked about , his gaze trailing as he looked upon each and every God and goddess.

The God's once again mumbled amongst each other. Reciting the countless events throughout history that this particular entity is portrayed and mentioned. Such as those crusades within Jerusalem, the Salem witch trials , The Inquisition, and many more. Countless genocides committed in the name of this Father and/or his son. All due to the fact that man sought to interpret this deity's words into their own twisted sense of morality.

〝 Granted , I am the cause of the first sin. I sought to corrupt his creation, more them into something monstrous and deranged. To make him HATE * his own creation but I barely needed to do anything at all. For they did it to themselves. All because he believed his teachings were absolute, the way to guide the world to total paradise. To stand amongst him and his other loved creations whenever the end would arrive. When those blasted trumpets would sing their song and I would arise upon the world. Those who were faithful and truly followed his teachings were taken into heaven whilst the rest were doomed for eternity. 〞Lucifer spoke , his tone shifting betwixt a sense of condescending and a hint of somber sorrow. Perhaps it was pity, or something more, the gods were unable to peer into the mind or soul of this devil.

〝 Tell me , what benevolent being would subject their creation, one supposedly made in his image , to such cruelties ───── ? To allow them to suffer at cause they could not truly interpret his teachings on how he wished for them to be. 〞He asked , his words filling their minds with an endless sea of questions.

〝 Keep this mind if you wish to continue. In the end , there is nothing you would be able to accomplish. The mortals weren't lying about one thing and that is his status. You all are by a mere byproducts of his teachings and creations , we all are. So it'd be best if you went about and never utter his name again, or else... you will be seeing more of me soon . . . 〞