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South Norwalk would be a good bet...easy access to Route 7 by car. The Danbury branch on Metro-North could be an option. Merritt 7 station would be the closest; I'd check with ASML to see if they run an employee shuttle from there. You can also take the 10-20 Westport Rd shuttle run by Norwalk Transit or the HARTransit Route 7 Link from central Norwalk



Good luck and welcome to the area!


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  • Kashi (if you like sushi)
  • FISH ($1.25 oysters, $6 well cocktails and $7 martinis (the blood orange is one of my favorites!), amongst other choices)
  • Divina (under the Courtyard hotel)
  • Hudson Social (theirs also goes until 7:00, while most of the others stop at 6:00)
  • Cilantro (enter from the Atlantic Street side of Landmark, opposite the Palace, their happy hour also goes until 7:00)

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I'm a lifer. Been here for most of my 39 years...until about three months ago.

I was living with my parents and helping them out a bit. They're looking to hopefully sell and make a move south within the next 6 months to a year, so I figured I'd look for my own place.

Even though I make $70K, for rent, I intentionally budgeted as if I made $10K less, +/- $100. I wanted to be able to have some kind of life outside of work and home...and perhaps be able to stash some money away.

It just wasn't happening here. I thought I'd be able to find something in my budget in maybe Norwalk, but nope, it's gotten just as bad there. One studio I looked at there was $1500/month!

I now live in Black Rock (Bridgeport). I found a nice little studio for like $1200 a month. I still work in Stamford, so, yeah, the commute isn't great. Even if I budget in another $100/month for gas, I'm still paying less than I would be if I stayed here.

My friends are still here as are my parents (at least for now), so I still spend a ton of time down here. I'm hoping the market will cool down eventually but unfortunately, I don't see it happening any time soon. Given the right opportunity, I'd totally move back.


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El Charrito hits.

They have a truck that they usually keep parked on the West Side, by the strip club Beamers. If you want sit down, they have another location on East Main Street - the building that looks like a Dairy Queen.

Not sure if they have margaritas though...


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There's a 1 bedroom townhouse looking thing going for $800 on the East Side that just hit Zillow the other night. (I got an email about it...of course after signing a lease on a new place in Black Rock but whatevs...)

The way the market is around here right now, it's probably already gone lol.