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From the way you phrase the question it sounds like you misunderstood calories a bit.

The human body, and any organic substance like food but also bone or muscle or fat etc, are composed of molecules that contain energy which we refer to by measures of calories. Your stomach and intestines break apart foods that you ingest and release some of the energy as calories for the body to use for things like moving muscles or sending nerve signals etc.

But your muscles, fat, etc. are essentially also the same composition as some of our food, just like when we eat meat from other animals. If you don't eat at all, your body still needs some energy to move around and do things. So the body has mechanisms for effectively eating itself to convert your own body into usable energy.

Anytime you use more energy than you get from eating, the body is going to pull some energy from its own internal storage by consuming its own fat or muscle etc. It doesn't literally go through your digestive system, but it is similar in final result. The fat or muscle is destroyed and the body gains energy that it can use.

When people say to burn more than you consume, this is the idea. If you eat less and/or move around more, then you will require more energy than you consumed with food. This results in your body "eating itself" (typically thought of as "burning fat") in order to have enough energy to get by.


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Even at a very superficial level, yes. Aside from discomfort causing stress hormones etc, you have the fact that seratonin is largely manufactured in the gut. Gut malfunction? Potentially less seratonin, which is one of the primary things we treat for depression, with SSRI (selective seratonin reuptake inhibitor) drugs: too little seratonin=bad feels


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Not really. The humidity from the rain causes them to sit moist long enough for mold to grow, even if they're not getting rained on. And that's the original point of the lpt; if you use a fan, you can still effectively hang dry while it's rainy and humid. If you don't, then they will dry too slowly and accumulate mold.


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You can make a rule to auto sort based on incoming address. So, everything sent to name+important@gmail goes to a specific folder, and everything sent to name+spam@gmail gets auto deleted, for instance


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Generally this is a matter of just bad email validation scripts that don't recognize symbols as being valid in emails. It's rarely a deliberate effort to thwart Gmail users specifically.