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How confident are you that there is a real difference between RD and SBF? It does not seem obvious to me that there is a significant difference between distrusting fact checkers generally for reasons like believing they're politically biased (as in SBF) and rejecting wide swaths of fact checkers for similar reasons in favor of a few that generally agree with what the person already believes (which is within the confines of RD). It doesn't seem like that usage of fact checkers by RD is substantially different than their initial belief formation where they simply regurgitate memes that make appealing and convenient claims.


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If you want them to evaluate the claims prior to establishing the claims and providing critical background information for later readers who may not know what event is being referred to, then you're simply being unreasonable. That is not an effective way to organize and present information.

Additionally, they first mention the unsubstantiated claim that he robbed a pregnant women in paragraph 7, as part of introducing the claims they intended to evaluate.

I do find it very interesting how hung up you are on this pregnant woman bit. You continue to repeat it, despite the fact that it's totally unsubstantiated, and in fact even use it as your motivation for distrusting Snopes. Strange.


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I'm not sure exactly which Snopes article you're using as an example here, but this seems to be the closest match and it is far more detailed and nuanced than you are suggesting.

I'm not going to suggest that Snopes is perfect, but the imperfections I've noticed are rather minor. The people who really have an ax to grind with them seem to invariably turn out to be the sort who don't appreciate fact checking getting in the way of narrative they're trying to push.

I also could not find anything that suggests the woman in the robbery case was pregnant. The police report that supposedly "proves" it makes no mention of pregnancy, only that she had a gun pointed at her abdomen.

So idk, but it looks a lot like you're here to cast doubt on Snopes because it's getting in the way of your narrative.