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You know I honestly think Combat Rock is the superior album, if not the more influential. Leaving aside people's annoyance with Rock the Casbah, there some insanely catchy tunes and original material in there. 'Ghetto Defendant' and 'Red Angel Dragnet' are big faves.

OP, you should check out the soundtrack to a great movie, Grosse Pointe Blank. It's all this genre/era of music and has some excellent Clash tunes, and was put together by Clash frontman Joe Strummer. Armegideon Time is one of my favorites. Also the Pogues are definitely the next band you should check out.


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Nina Simone is a good one too, important on straight black history grounds but she actually also has a song off of her live album, Nuff Said, that features a song performed the day after MLK died called 'Why? The King of Love Is dead'

Also if I was going to play a Stevie Wonder song for black history month, I would play the Black history month Stevie Wonder song, 'Black Man'