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Yes, I do think the avenue exists to provide goods and services. Cotton Duck provides a service. Just because you did not use it during your time in the neighborhood does not negate its usefulness for others.

If you don’t think Hampden is fun anymore, cool. We don’t want you visiting anyway.


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  • Foreman Wolf restaurant group is preparing to launch a new concept in the former Cafe Hon space on The Avenue

  • An all-outdoor restaurant in the backyard of a former parsonage (at 3601 Hickory Avenue, behind the former historic Grace United Methodist Church building on The Avenue).

  • A wine bar in a converted Falls Road garage, as long as the owner and the neighbors can get on the same page.

  • Asian Taste is relocating to the former Treehouse Cafe and Juice Bar.

  • A new bar serving sangria, tapas and dessert is planned for the former 13.5% Wine Bar and Bar Fusion space on The Avenue.

  • A hotel above Good Neighbor on Falls Road is opening this summer, Chopra said. Guesthouse at Good Neighbor will feature seven rooms decorated in the same modern Japanese/Scandinavian-inspired design as the coffee shop and homewares store. A full outdoor kitchen is in the works, too, offering a lunch and dinner menu as well as cocktails.

  • Steakhouse Medium Rare seems closer to arriving in Hampden’s Rotunda soon

  • Warehouse Cinemas, is set to open within a few weeks in the former CineBistro space, according to a Facebook post.

  • Urban Oyster has submitted an application for a liquor license.

  • Catalog Coffee should launch sometime this summer.


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The list is supposed Baltimore’s Best Restaurants, but it features places in Annapolis, Columbia, and Frederick.

And you’d think Baltimore Magazine would know that Pink Flamingos wasn’t filmed in Hampden.

What a joke.


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I’ve come to learn that most if not all Walgreens are the worst.

Mimikay is fantastic! I too have an uncomplicated prescription, and it’s always ready when I need it.


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Reply to Bus Lane Laws by siwel3

“I recently became aware…”

Yeah, because you’re the same dude who got a ticket for using a bus lane as a pickup zone. You fucked around and found out.

You enter a bus lane for several seconds to make a turn into an alleyway or garage; you don’t idle waiting for passengers. So there’s no change for which to advocate.


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People start lining up for the 5pm opening.

My recommendation: go a weeknight, put your name in for a reservation, and either grab a spot at the bar (you can get food there too), or head over to WC Harlan for drinks.

Hope you live up to your username.