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Yeah the whole point of a roof is to keep the elements away from the house. Adding tons of soils and vegetation and watering it everyday is just asking for trouble, specially if you cheaped out on the installation.


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Not sure how broad it goes and how different it is in the U.S. but finance was thought in my university. It WAS an elective for me and the professor didn’t even study finance! He became wealthy through his business and sold it off for millions.

Not sure if it gets more in depth than what he thought us but basically 1)Invest to grow wealth, can be in stocks or your own business 2) Use credit cards and loans as leverage not as a temporary fix to your immediate cravings, an example I use is, I use my business credit to buy materials for a project way before and pay it all off during the first progress payment, only do this if you have a solid contract and know the clients/contractors have the money for it 3) Live way below your means, I save 25% of my income, can do 50% but i prefer my own place but it can be done with more sacrifice 4) Build skills that will help a lot of people, reason software engineers are paid a bunch is because they can automate many tasks that sometimes would take a whole staff to do [im not a software engineer]

Is there anything else about money that the affluent are teaching their kids that we can’t just learn on our own? They have money and connections to start them off quicker but that’s life and opportunities are not evenly distributed