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>Nobody enjoys working

Ah, there's the sticky wicket. I fucking LOVED working when I was 15. Making money, hanging out with friends, money for dates, buying stuff that I wanted because I had money. It was fucking awesome.

I still do, actually, but I'm fortunate enough to have a good work ethic that got me a great job.


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To retire at 45 as a trooper you'd either need to start at 25 and take the 20 year retirement that is 50% of your highest salary or start at 20.

You can't get hired as a trooper until you have 60 college credits and are at least 21. So at best you're not retiring at 75% until you're 46, and even then most troopers don't start the job until they're in their mid-late 20s and there's a mandatory retirement age of 60.

What I'm saying is the concept you're after doesn't happen much and is a silly argument.


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>You’re in here arguing in favor of “fuck teachers”

🧃 Here's a straw. Grasp harder.

Saying the state should get out of the pension business and agreeing that teachers should be paid more, while simultaneously pointing out that teachers who are underpaid can move to different districts or jobs (just like everyone else can) isn't "fuck teachers."


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So, they just won't work and collect a pension. Why work if you make more money retired than you would working?

I know my local school district has three retired troopers as SROs. They're fantastic with the kids and the school barely pays them because they don't have to, since they have their pensions.


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Based on what that fact sheet says about:

  1. How it doesn't stay in the food chain(so it doesn't keep in the animals system)

  2. how fast it evaporates in the environment making it unlikely an animal would ingest any

  3. how short it's half life is, meaning even if it does ingest some it degrades very quickly

I would assume the amount that could make it into a milk supply would be negligible.