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>It is not falling out of the sky

You know that stuff called dust that accumulates on everything? It's not just spontaneously coming into existence... Now imagine that over hundreds of square feet all being washed to a specific point by rain over and over and over again...


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Water infiltration is the process of the ground absorbing water and it flowing down into the water table underground. You have to prove that your site can't reasonably absorb the water before you are allowed to divert it elsewhere.


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>250k people or dams 1500 years ago

China's population during the warring states period ~2500 years ago was ~40 million. And the oldest dams in the world date back ~5000 years ago. Hard to imagine China not having dams 1500 years ago.


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The wind turbine reducing the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Now your electric motor is having to put more power out to overcome the greater resistance the air is putting on the vehicle. If you had a wind turbine that captured energy with 100% efficiency and a motor that used that energy with 100% efficiency you would end up with the energy the wind turbine is making being exactly enough to overcome the additional air resistance the wind turbine puts on the vehicle. So at best you end up where you started but since those things can't be 100% efficient you only end up losing energy.


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Reply to comment by Superpansy in Drifting by The_Tree_Beard

It's actually two static images. The first is the house like you see. The second is static water that is being slid down and than faded out and replaced with the same image again. If you look up above the house you can see two copies of the same ripple that take turns fading into and out of the image.


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>Europe’s limit is zero insect parts.

No Europe has no official limit for insect parts actually. Guess I better start avoiding your nasty unregulated chocolates!!