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I don't know if they are nicer than Hotel Collection or not, but I suspect more likely to be BIFL. I actually just saw Macy's has some Hotel Collection sheets for a little bit more than I got the Red Land Sheets for (after a 50% discount code "VIP"). Might be worth checking out, they are definitely nice.


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Yeah, I would not classify them as cool and crisp. My Hotel Collection duvet cover fits that bill, I was surprised it was even cotton after feeling it, I thought it was silk or rayon or something. The Red Land sheets are made of a really soft cotton, but in a 140 thread count so they feel a bit rustic. Nicer than linen in my opinion.


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I purchased these after someone mentioned them in the comments here. Grown and sewn in the USA. 100% cotton. Percale weave. Admittedly I have only had them a month but was impressed by my initial impression of quality so far.

I used to really like sheets made out of beech and bamboo because of how soft they were, but then I had a bunch get big holes in them after a few years. I tried some linen sheets and they are still holding up great, but felt like they had an off-putting “wet cardboard” feel to them. My go to sheets for a while were Egyptian cotton made buy a company called “Hotel Collection”, I still really like them but all the button holes in my duvet cover blew out after 10 years so I thought I would try something new, and were happy to learn these were also cheaper.

I bought a set of these Red Land sheets a month ago and had a really good initial impression. The material is not satiny soft like my Egyptian cotton sheets, but they have a really high quality feel to them. My wife says they make her feel like she is staying in a fancy hotel (for the price of one night in a really fancy hotel). The material is a little thicker and stiffer than my Egyptian cotton sheets, and the threads seem thicker too. They remind me of really soft workwear, or high quality chinos, if that makes any sense.

I just ordered another set and they came today (pictured), I got both sets for 25% off. It was pretty easy to get a 25% off coupon for them; I just signed up for their mailing list and then didn’t buy anything for a month or so. People also post coupon codes online. My wife got an ad for an additional 15% (the coupons stacked) off if she ordered them on Facebook; which turned out not to be a scam, but I was not able to replicate it for my second order.