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truly some of the best episodes of television ever made. Also, a LOT of filler and non-sensical garbage too. All in all, well worth a watch but sadly, you can't quite get how big a show it was or appreciate how epic it was unless you were watching it live and involved with all the discussions surrounding it back then.


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Because HBO and Druckman are woke unhinged liberals. It's intentional and aligns with their politics. Did you notice the "Not today you New World Order jack boot fucks" and 'Don't Tread on Me' poster from Episode Three? How Bill is a Qanon, bigoted, closeted conservative until saved by an enlightened liberal gay man? HBO is great but you have to accept most of their stuff is loaded with woke garbage points of view. It's been especially egregious since 2016 when Trump broke them but it's always been present. You learn to ignore it as long as it's well written and produced. When HBO is "on" they're the best in the business


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they're hiring activists as writers. They don't like the source material. Eventually this practice will end when it costs them money and they're forced to change. Unfortunately, some of these IPs, like Wheel of Time, will only ever get one chance at this so we're screwed


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weakest episode of the season imho. Disney Star Wars simply struggles with any action scenes with crowds and lots going on and it really showed in this episode. It's not a bad episode but it went from a flawless show to one with a little less shine to it after this finale.