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Controversial opinion: As the child of native Spanish speaking parents, not having an official language is harmful for people who don’t speak the language of the majority when it is thought to be seen as a “pro” that they don’t have to. Example: You can immigrate and not have to learn the language, but are then forced into only lower paying jobs, & ergo less opportunities for your children / family’s. I really wish we would vote to have an official language. AI is already going to do away with so many lower paying jobs, these people won’t have a chance. /end rant.


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The owners destroyed their own business - they have no one but themselves & their own egotistical arrogance to blame. I imagine as you sound right-leaning, which I’m completely fine with, that you identify as a Patriot. Isn’t what makes our country great, freedom? The freedom to choose… to wear a mask with the belief it may protect one’s health, even if only MARGINALLY… so I’m more surprised their decision to act in such a Non-Democratic but rather dictator-like manner isn’t seen as offensive to you?


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T’s is delicious sure, but literally priced TO BE the most expensive restaurant around. If they see someone offers something for more, they will raise their prices. Source : a former business associate informed me.


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Perhaps that’s how it used to be however, technology exists to make the transactions and funds all publicly viewable. It is not rocket science and if people want to stop having to invest in new tires or having their undercarriage damaged… it needs be done. Otherwise enjoy the indefinite depreciation I guess.


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It’s bad and getting worse quietly, walked into a Urgent Care yesterday and it was PACKED… to the BRIM. I made the mistake of asking how long the wait was and the “nice young lady” scoffed and told me to look around, “we don’t do wait times… definitely at least an hour, maybe two or three”. Stay safe out there, the medical care system is on the brink of implosion (and that’s just from the human capital side, let alone the conversation that the major hospitals in the state are defaulting and getting closer to bankruptcy).