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Roots in Clifton since the 80s, Clifton in ALL NEIGHBORHOODS is on the come up. There is construction and new business in every square inch of the city.

Clifton I believe has the most languages spoken in the state, anyone saying it’s not what it used to be is probably a certain “type” of person that sees that as a bad thing.

Edit: And for as long as I’ve been alive Clifton has been more or less a working class city so I’m not even sure what era “not what it used to be” people are referring to to be honest.

Edit: also neighbors to 2 bad cities? Passaic is not bad at all, people have to stop thinking brown people and people who rent in apartments are dangerous, Passaic overall is very safe. Paterson is a different thing entirely but overall there’s nice areas there too.

What’s funny is places that people think as typically nice like Nutley have absolute classless pieces of trash living there


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A little too heavy on the cinnamon for my tastes

Edit: Also last time I was there people were BYOB but it was all coors Lite tall boys and whole place stunk of stale beer, wasn’t the best environment to enjoy food


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I’ve been noticing more and more people driving on local roads at like 15mph. That infuriating style of driving where they always have their brakes on, pause at EVERY intersection, light turns green and they SLOOOOOOWLY start moving