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u/ichhattekrebs, if you want to go down a horrifying morbid rabbit hole, you should look into Cassidy Rainwater. Not only what happened to her, but her mother was also a missing person in 2007, and her remains were found scattered in a field. The whole situation is so freaky and tragic.

Here's an article. The details of what they did to her are disturbing, just be warned.

Here's an article with some info on her mother.

It's not the Springfield 3, but it's a more recent and extreme case. Worth checking out if you find that stuff intriguing.


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Here's a source:

> "We had a friend that had to have his kidney removed because it was diseased, and he went in for another kind of x-ray, a year later, and they found he had a brand-new kidney. He was in a meeting where he was prayed for and the Lord created that.”

The last paragraph is even more sickening.. This is Lindell here:

> "I'm gonna say one other thing, and I don't say this lightly. But I just think you need to know what's going to happen. There are going to be — some of you are going to raise people from the dead. I'm not saying everybody will be raised from the dead. I'm just saying there are some people in this room — you're gonna raise people from the dead. It's going to happen."


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Yeah I wasn't saying you were complaining. I guess I didn't articulate my message very clearly. The point I was trying to make is that the drivers in Springfield are not that bad compared to bigger cities. Birmingham/Montgomery have just been consistently very bad for me. Florida is a very unique hot mess... Unfortunately lived down there for a while.

In Florida it's a mix of crowded roads from tourists and old people, neither of which ever seemed to know what the hell they were doing.. The real accident shenanigans always came on party holidays and obviously spring break/summer.


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Florida is certainly bad too. Lived there for a while. Some of the worst driving I've ever seen tho is driving thru Montgomery and Birmingham. Been very consistent over the years driving between here and Florida.

Just crazy reckless aggressive driving, like one pickup tearing down the grass beside the road and weaving back into traffic wherever he wanted. So many close calls and having to drive so defensively. I've learned to time my drives to avoid rush hour.

I just see people here complain about our drivers, but they're not particularly bad, as far as cities go. Some cities are particularly bad, but I think size is a big factor. Springfield can be frustrating, but it doesn't have big city crazy traffic.


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I'm ultra courteous until met with an asshole on the road. People get the respect they deserve from me. People driving recklessly and obnoxiously don't deserve to be treated well in kind. Fuck em, they ought to receive resistance rather than reinforcement of their actions.

Not telling you you are wrong, but these assholes already have a big head and inflated ego. I'd rather try to pop it than inflate it more. Not saying this is the right way. I'm probably going to get myself shot one of these days. I'm not saying I do any reckless manoeuvres or anything, but I will definitely inconvenience them, call them out, give them the finger, etc.


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To be entirely honest, I'm not really sure what they do with their time.. They certainly don't have a good track record for solving crimes, or even investigating so many, according to many personal accounts. Also have never seen SPD pull anyone over for anything in Springfield. Lived here long enough to see crazy ass traffic violations right in front of cops, with absolutely no consequences. I've only really seen them respond to homeless people, just shoeing them away. Most of the time they have not responded well to people in mental health crisis. Look at the rape kit fiasco. SPD did nothing about those scumbag teenagers who were violently attacking our LGBTQ+ community, and one of them was the son of someone on the force.

In all seriousness, what does SPD do with their time?


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Man I remember renting a 2 bed, 2 bath duplex with a yard and 2 car garage for about that just a few years ago...

It's so crazy how the cost of rent/living has changed so much here, so fast. I feel so fortunate to have been lucky enough to have bought a house just before covid hit and the housing market went full tilt.


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Oh to be young again.. to be a middle school boy pretending to be a fat bald middle-aged man pretending to be a middle school boy on coke music...

All the fake chat personas.. prank calls using soundboards on ebaum's world... looking at scarring things on rotten.com. playing flash games...

Crazy how much came flooding back from just reading 3 letters.


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Koriya is good, but it's anything but authentic. If you want to try real authentic Korean, go to Golden Korean Restaurant on Sunshine near bass pro. It's so good.

I asked a bunch of Korean students I'd met at MSU where the most authentic Korean was, and every one of them said Golden Korean Restaurant when I'd ask. It's so much better than Sue's. Better than Jin's, even though I miss that place.