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The point is to keep those things to an absolute minimum. In effect this means that everything is subject to testing and verification including things like the fundamental laws of logic.

The anti science crowd loves to pounce on hard solipsism or simulation theory to shit on science so they can feel justified in their belief in some form of supernatural or another.


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His views of time and the cyclic universe are well documented and he himself has described them numerous times in interviews found on the web.

I have never heard him describe himself as a platonist and even he was it doesn’t mean he accepts as a religion which demands strict obedience to some written dogma. He obviously believes in abstract mathematics and obviously believes mathematics can accurately reflect and describe reality. Some people may call that Platonism. Having said that I get the feeling platonists want to claim he is because it will afford their theory some prestige to be accepted by a famous scientist.

Penrose is first and foremost a scientist. He has a bedrock belief in empiricism and the importance of strict observation conducted using the scientific method.


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I just pointed out that they are not sensible. It literally makes no sense for something to exist for no time or outside of time.

I also told you what some of those people you are talking about say. You cited Penrose I told you his views on time. He says nothing exists outside of time and there is no such thing as outside of time.


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You didn’t address my points. The word exists doesn’t make sense outside of time.

What you are doing is conflating different people saying different things about time and then concluding that God not only exists but is outside of time and this doesn’t mean he is infinitely old.

You cite Penrose. Penrose says time is fundamental and that there is no such thing as outside of time. He thinks that universes come into existence in time and then die off and get recreated again. Of course most physicists disagree with him, they think time began with the universe.

Finally Penrose doesn’t believe a God exists and created the universe. Most physicists also believe this so maybe it’s not best to try and cite science when trying to claim a God exists.


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But this is not ash attempt at rigorous definition. It’s an attempt at special pleading for God.

For example what does it mean for something to exist outside of time? There is no definition of exist which doesn’t depend on time. If I have a billion dollars for zero seconds or if my billion dollars is outside of time can you claim it exists?

This is people who believe in God trying to redefine words so that their absurd belief seems a little less absurd.


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I think the nitpick of eternity vs infinite time is just weird word games.

Omnipresence applies to all possible universes God created or will create not just this one.

And at this point I am not that untreated Interested in your other twisting of commonly understood words to mean something they are not.