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Got my last car totaled by a dipshit driving down the center lane for a full fucking block to try and skip traffic and make a left at the light. Right was clear, left was backed up solid and someone was actually being a respectful driver and not blocking the exit to the parking lot. I pull out and, bam, next thing I know I'm getting t-boned.


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>However, what ruined my experience was that I told them I don't like to use product or heat on my hair because my scalp is sensitive.

I'm right there with you, and not even because of a sensitive scalp.

I'm a guy with long hair, and I follow the advice of Fabio, the man with the best hair of the 20th century: Eat lots of protein, pick a shampoo without a bunch of extra chemicals, use conditioner sparingly, and never blow-dry or use product.


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People wouldn't vote for McDonald's as their favorite Fast Food joint, though.

The idea is that they go and ask people what their favorite food places are, and the ones the most people say are their favorite are "the best."


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You just answered your own question.

Everyday Thai is great, but the location is awkward enough that a lot of people probably never want to mess with it, and Mexican Villa is a local institution despite the quality being only passable.


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Jimm's has been around for forever, though it used to be under a different name. It was originally called Steak & Ale, then the owners retired and sold the place to one of the staff, Jim, who renamed it Jimm's and kept the place going.

Used to be the best steakhouse in town up until the last few years when quality has slipped, plus they emphasize quality service and have a very nice ambiance, which is likely why it gets so many fine dining votes.

People know and love the place, and many have probably never heard of the other two. I know I haven't.


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It's a popular vote. Amazing how many people slamming the list because their favorite isn't where they want it don't understand this is a popular vote.

It's not on the list because not enough people voted for it. Period. End of story.

Doesn't matter how good the food is if they don't have a big enough fanbase, and I've never heard of Harvest before now.