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That’s usually standard, commissioner is always on the phone and making appearances. Don’t want to be texting and driving and be involved in an accident oh wait….There’s a long list of useless positions/overtime abuse and I wouldn’t put this at the top. Now the question is how much is that driver making where it becomes absurd.


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It’s a great idea BUT first issue is how many fake license plates there are in this region. The temporary tags is out of control, then you have stolen vehicles (using temporary tags) so in that end that makes things hard. I really think the federal government needs to ban temporary tags and figure out a solution to this.


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I’m sure you know but it’s held outside of Philadelphia. Pretty far from the city. King of Prussia mall is near if you want to shop. Phoenixville is very close too and it’s absolutely worth a visit. Good food and breweries. Conshohocken and Manayunk are within distance also.


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New Ridge’s food is the BEST out of all breweries anywhere in the region. It they didn’t make any beer they would be considered one of the best restaurants out there. Their beer is as good but their selection is limited and at least for me had better options when they opened (I’m not an IPA guy but they used to have a KILLER Hefeweizen and a great tripel.