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My eyes have been opened.

So I opened this account early last year when I moved to the area, and I recall being transferred to another person to be asked questions about energy suppliers that I honestly didn't fully understand, since I've never had an electric company that asked me such a thing. So through my ignorance I ended up with this supplier somehow, completely oblivious to the fact that I could have just said no, fuck off, I'll stick with DLC.

I'll be calling DLC first thing Monday and ditching Nextera.


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I was going to post a smartass comment, but then I read the story and OP is actually sweet and the best owner a dog could ask for, so my conscience said neigh.


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Starship and SLS will be working together for the next landing, or so that's what I remember hearing.

I think what a lot of people miss is that while we think of organizations like NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, et al, as competitors, and compare them like we compare football teams, truth is they are all working cooperatively towards the same goals, and our efforts to push further out into space will be all the better for it.


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Tell you what - I'm gonna hold out to see who else replies for now. Truth be told I'm hoping someone will be able to look at it, tell me it's fixable, take it, and make it live again. That may or may not be realistic, but I wanna see first.

DM me if your roommate is interested, and if nothing else pans out I'll let you know. That ok?


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You clearly have a superior sense of domestic aesthetic. Sadly, I can't see it as a practical option given the circumstances.

You ever decide you want to adopt an old disabled accordion, you know where to find me.


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Good thought, but the problem is 1) finding a place to display a full-sized bronzed accordion in the house and 2) trying to convince my girlfriend not to leave me for displaying a full-sized bronzed accordion in the house.


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In my opinion, you should, in fact, buy the half gallon and drink it all with zero self-control. Life is short OP! Binge egg nog!


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Yup, you've got boxelders!

We just had the same issue at our house. They were all over the windows, doors...anyplace that was warm, and every time I opened the door a dozen of them would get in. I've been keeping a vacuum cleaner stationed by the door.

We had an exterminator come on Monday, he inspected the property and found a colony in the wall that lines our driveway - literally hundreds of them coming in and out. He sprayed the living shit out of it and intends to come back again this coming Monday, but once he sprayed they've all but disappeared.

I might recommend you take a walk around your property and see if there's a nearby colony.