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Well then go on a date with me, or I'm just going to have to eat more cheeseburgers to make me happy instead. 😆


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Looking back at the entire series as a whole. It's about an awkward teenage boy going up to be a man. By the end he's grown up, actually we get to see that whole group from the village grow up. Their personalitys change as they get older. If you look hard enough you can see the version of themselves from the first book deep down. One of the characters gets put into a situation where they are in charge of thousands of people's lives. And when they realize it they are like well I don't want to be here, I'm not a leader. And when they try to leave someone says well who else is going to lead us. And he sits there and thinks a bit and then curses as he realizes he has to lead them because there is nobody else. If you have trouble getting into the mood maybe you just need someone to read it to you and give the story some spark.


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Too bad I couldn't have been your friend. And I felt more like I wanted to be Harry. As for wheel of time, how far did you get into it. Given it's length the first book is actually really slow. The main character we see in the first book does not exist by the time we get to the end. Like in Harry potter, years pass. If you can get to the end of the first book it might seem more exciting. There are almost 2800 unique named characters. Every one of them is important in some way. In the first there is a random teenage girl, nobody important at the time, she is just another characters daughter. Because she listened to the stories the main character told, she got a taste for adventure and ran away from home. She pops back up like 6 books later and becomes very important to the central plot. I love the series because every detail is important, and there are so many epiphany moments when details fall into place and you realize what's about to happen.


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I was wondering what your thoughts on the Harry Potter game coming out next year. I am positively thrilled at the idea of exploring Hogwarts. I had not the best childhood and am now estranged from both my parents. Harry Potter was my escapism. My way of having a better life. I've watched the movies a few times but I haven't read the books since then. I was busy trying to tackle some big projects like the wheel of time, it has 4.4 million words in 15 volumes. I do think I will read the series again before the game comes out in February.


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I feel absolutely disgusted. I'm getting down voted for saying it's wrong for an adult to masturbate in a school. I don't care why she did it, she should have done it at home. Stop trying to defend the actions of someone who got aroused at the idea of masturbating in a room meant for children.

Edit: Even more down votes. Masturbating in a school is the actions of a pedophile. A man masturbating in a school is a pedophile. A woman masturbating in a school is a pedophile. It doesn't matter why she masturbated in a school, it's still the actions of a pedophile. Stop trying to defend her.


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She masturbate is a SCHOOL, everything else is irrelevant. I'd does not matter why she did it. I don't care that a teacher had an only fans. They get paid little. As soon as you bring children into a sexual situation everything else becomes irrelevant. And I doesn't matter if kids were at the school or not. School is supposed to be a safe place for children. And kids are always at school, even on weekends for sports. There is nothing you can say to excuse masturbating in a CHILDS institution.