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Oh no, whatever will I do with... What's your name? Ah, shit, I really don't feel bad at all about this. Anyways, you have fun being miserable with your family, always worried that you're gonna say the wrong thing or be cancelled. I'll do the same, except, ya know, I won't be miserable or worried. I will be having fun, though, so thanks for your well wishes!


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I don't care if I sound like an asshole lol. I'm really not concerned about your feelings. Grow up and get over it. You claimed that the example I used, that anybody who says that voting Republican kills people is a psychopath who should be excluded from your life, revealed more about me than you could have elicited. Then you claimed that I was projecting. Then you said it wasn't what I said, but how I was saying it that was revealing. But you've never said what I was supposedly revealing. Is it just that you're overly sensitive and that you get your feelings hurt on the internet all the time? Cuz that's got nothing to do with me, kiddo.


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Haha, that example was meant to trigger psychopaths like you. Voting Republican doesn't kill anyone, just like voting Democrat doesn't kill anyone.

Your problem is that you think you're morals are superior even though they consist of a single activity every 2 to 4 years that has no impact on anything. Trump was in office for 4 years. The world didn't end. Obama was in office for 8 years. The world didn't end. Casting a ballot in a free country isn't a choice between right and wrong. It's more like the choice between soup or salad.

I'm sorry that your family is dysfunctional and so cannot get along without extreme limits on the words that can be said. That has to be stressful and exhausting.


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wtf? Dude, you've got issues. Asking her questions isn't baiting her. And my family doesn't fight over politics. We're not delusional idiots who think Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump are our saviors lol. We're normal people who recognize that we need a government. We disagree on what form that government should take, but we do agree that its current form isn't good. I'm sorry that your family is too dysfunctional, and maybe just too dumb, to discuss politics without getting angry over nothing.


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Politics have moral undertones? No, they don't. There's just people who make politics their morals because they lack morals anywhere else. If my voting choice is what makes me moral, then I can do whatever I want the other 729 days that I'm not voting.

I don't know of a single family who has healthy relationships that agrees on politics. The moment someone starts saying that you're killing people by voting Republican, you need to exclude that person from your life.


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You kind of are a brat. All families are politically divided. It's really unhealthy that you see this as a problem. His family doesn't like to argue, they simply care enough about each other to share differing opinions. You're also in for a rude awakening if you ever want to throw a get together and then expect guests to work in the kitchen.

You just need to grow up.


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Well, you've raped her, no doubts about that. Enthusiastic affirmative consent is needed and she didn't give it. Just because she clearly enjoyed herself and wanted this to go on doesn't excuse your problematic behavior. Your only recourse is to immediately transition so you can claim to be higher on the progressive stack and thus she will become the oppressor. I'm so sorry she victimized you like that. Young girls like yourself face so many hurdles.