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I know I’m late seeing this, but this is great! It’s very well written. I love your writing style and choice of words; it makes it sound very formal and sophisticated, which I think matches this prompt perfectly.

Amazing work!


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Not gonna lie, I was kinda going for story responses, so I wasn’t expecting to see a poem, but this is honestly amazing! Very well written, and very interesting. I loved this, especially the last two lines.

Great work!


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History has always been one of my least favorite subjects, but the mystery novel I have in mind is based on a historical event (at least the backstory behind it is), so I will definitely need to do a lot of research on that, which I plan to do. And since it’s tied to my project in a way, I’ll probably be a lot more interested, and will enjoy it a lot more than if it was required like for a class or something.

Also, I saw the message you sent me. I will definitely consider checking out your sub, though I don’t know when or if I’ll have time to do so, especially since it’s pretty late right now where I live, and I have a big day tomorrow, so I probably need to go to bed here soon. Thanks for the offer, though!


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The man woke up to realize he was tied to a chair in the middle of an empty room with walls as white as snow. Snow was the one thing on his mind, as he missed the winters of his home state. State of mind was the one thing he wasn’t sure of, as he was just as confused as he was scared. Scared of what was going to happen next, he tried to escape, but the ropes tying him to the chair were too strong for him to break.

“Break. I need a break!” he heard another voice say.

“Say, why should I give you a break?” another would then ask.

“Ask again and you’ll take a permanent break from life!”

“Life is something I so desperately want to keep.”

“Keep it. It will just be a quick moment as I check on our prisoner.”

Prisoner? Prisoner is what they said? said the man to himself.

Himself is all he had left.

“Left side.”

Side-eyed, a weird, alien-looking creature appeared in front of the man.

“Man, you won’t believe the bullshit they tell me!” it said with a strangely deep tone.

Tone-deaf, the man asked, “Can you let me go?”

“Go get me a drink if I do,” said the creature.

Creature was the best way the man could describe it. It most certainly wasn’t human.

“Human, will you promise me to get me what I asked?” asked the creature, who seemed to not have a care for anything else but the drink.

“Drink type?” asked the man.

“Man, I don’t fucking know. Know what? What I want is a beer. Beer is what I want right now.”


“Now, not later. Later is too late. Late it is, and I need my nightly beer right away.”

Away from home, the man felt sick. Sick to the stomach, he asked, “Well, can you untie me so that I can get you that beer, please?”

“Please? Please is the most polite thing someone has ever said to me in a while.”

While waiting for an answer, the man looked around the room. Room temperatures were rising, and the man felt even hotter than before. Before he knew it, the creature said, “I shall untie you.”

“You are not a human though, so how are you even able to talk like one?” asked the man.

“Man, well isn’t that racist?” the creature said. “Said with such confidence, too. Too much racism ‘round here. Here, we can never have nice things without someone being racist.”

“Racist is what you call asking a genuine question?”

“Question me not. Not one more word from you. You just need to get me a beer now.”

“Now, don’t you think you need to untie me first, since you said you’d do that?”

“That I will. Will you get me the beer if I do?”

“Do exactly that, and I’ll return the favor for you.”

“You kind human,” said the creature as he untied the man without hesitation. “Hesitation is not allowed, so get me the beer.”

Beer was no where to be seen in the room, so the man asked, “Where is it?”

“It is… oh wait I forgot.”

“Forgot what?”

What happened after that was a mystery, as the man then woke up in his bed soon after. After that, he realized he should never have meth before bed again.


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[PART 3/3]

“You can do that?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I think so.”

I sat there, dumbfounded, wondering how someone who couldn’t even handle the stress of protecting humanity could be allowed to trade off souls of innocent mortals who have passed.

“I thought only the Kingdom Holders could do that?”

“No, I can, too, since I’m the Guardian Angel.”

That just caught me even more off guard. I mean, I was one of the most highly ranked demonic Overseers, and even Satan didn’t allow me to trade our souls, since that was supposedly only his job.

But I wasn’t going to pass of the offer. “Well, Satan did say we could use some more souls,” I licked my lips with my snake-like tongue. “How many we talking?” I asked her.

“I don’t know… fifty?” Skyler voice was a lot calmer now. She wasn’t nearly as frantic as she was during her breakdown.

“Hmm… make it a hundred.” I grinned.

“Oh, uhh… alright. A hundred it is, then…” she didn’t sound to sure of herself, like she was regretting making such a deal. “So, will you agree to take my job for a couple years?”

“Yes.” My thought of having new souls to torment made me completely forget about the consequences of guarding mortality.

“Oh, my Heavens, thank you!” she said, sighing. She then began to let out a breathy laugh. “Oh, I can finally take a break! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Xavier, you are a life saver I tell you. Oh, you have no idea what this means to me.”

“So, where are my souls?” I interpreted.

“Oh, you want them right now?” Skyler sounded surprised.

“Yes. If you don’t give them to me now, then consider the deal broken.”

“Okay, fine!” I could tell she regretted her decision, but she wasn’t turning back.

I could hear the cries of the souls as they scream in pain and agony while being transported to Hell. But I didn’t care. I was just happy to get more of them, and I could tell Satan was, too. The cries continued to resonate in my head, but I just ignored them.

That was until the time came where I took on Skyler’s job as Guardian Angel—or should I say, Guardian Demon—looking over all of humanity. I, Xavier Blood-claw, the Great Overseer of the Dangerous Mortals, was now in charge of keeping humanity intact.

I could feel my stomach start to turn again. I didn’t know what about it was making me feel this way. As I made my way to Earth to protect the first mortal, I could feel myself getting nauseous, but I couldn’t bring myself to find the reason behind it.

That was until I guarded my first mortal. I soon realized the terrible mistake I made when the world began to cave in and crumble into the pits of Hell. It was only then that I remembered the curse I once told Skyler about; one that I was so cautious of before, but have completely forgotten it like it was merely nothing. Now that I acknowledged my grave mistake, I quickly tried to undo it all. But the damage was already done.

I never once expected myself to feel so sorry for the humans. I normally enjoyed seeing them suffer. But this was different. Somehow, I felt guilty, ashamed even. I knew what I have done. I knew what unfair eternal punishment I had just given these souls. Not just to the ones who deserved it, but also to the ones who were nothing but innocent. I couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt and shame that was eating away at me.

And now, there was no going back.

The curse has been unleashed.

End of Part Three

WRITER’S NOTE: Sorry this is so long and kinda dark. I don’t why I came up with this, I just did. I wasn’t expecting it to be this long either, so yeah. If someone just so happens to be reading this, I hope you enjoyed none the less, though! I know this story may not be the best, for many obvious reasons, lol. Also, sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes in this. I was typing kinda fast when writing this so that I can get it over with. And Reddit didn’t allow me to put it all in one comment, so I had to write this in 3 different comments. So yeah, that’s pretty much it. Once again, sorry for the story turning out.. like this.


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[PART 2/3]

“I’m so burned out from watching over humanity, waiting for a moment I could protect someone from harm,” she continued on. “The dangers on earth are only getting higher. People’s physical and mental health keep deteriorating. The number of deaths keep rapidly going up. The amount of times I had to stop someone from taking their own life, it’s just… too much.”

Skyler couldn’t hold it back anymore as she started crying through the phone.

“I can’t keep up with the world anymore. Not with the state that it’s in, especially when it keeps getting progressively worse. Constantly having to adjust my shield, and use up more of my power, just to keep humanity from the brink of extinction. I can’t do this anymore, Xavier!”

Her words provoked me in a way that made my stomach turn. “What do you want me to do about it?” I asked her. “I’m in charge of watching over serial killers, kidnappers, sex traffickers, pedophiles, rapists, abusers… and yet you want me to do your job for you? You’re afraid of humans being on the brink of extinction, while I will literally cause them to go extinct all together!”

“Please, Xavier. I’m begging you. I know it’s a lot to ask for, but I know you can do it. We’ve been friends for most of our childhood. You always were the nicest to me, despite being a demon. You were always there for me when no one else was. You actually cared about me. I know you can do this for me. I trust you.”

“That’s in the past, Skyler. Things are different now. What we had in the past was nothing. We were children, we didn’t know better. But now, you’re the new Guardian Angel, and I’m the Overseer of the most dangerous of criminals before they died. We both hold high and powerful ranks, and if we were to switch places, the whole world would be destined for damnation.”

“Xavier, please! I need you, you’re the only one I have. None of the other angels are up for task, or have enough power for such a duty. It’s all up to you. I mean… we used to be the best of friends. Why can’t we go back to the way things were? Why did you have to change?”

Because people change, Skyler. We’re not the same being we were thirty years ago.” I took a deep breath to keep myself from entering a fit of rage. “We were never even supposed to be friends. We had to go behind our Kingdom Leader’s backs because angel-demon relationships were forbidden. If either one of them ever found out… we would have been ultimately perished.”

I bent down to pick up a skull that was lying by my feet. I rolled it around in my hand, my long, sharp claws poking at the brittle, cracked bones. “In fact, we shouldn’t be talking right now. If Satan sees what I’m doing, I’m screwed.”

“Please, Xavier! You’re my only hope!”

I crushed the skull with my powerful fist, with an infuriated look on my face. “What do you want me to do, kill the human population? Because that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I can’t protect them. Only you can, Skyler.”

I was about to hang up when I heard her shaking voice yell, “Wait!”

“What?” I hissed.

“If… if you watch over humanity for a couple of years in place, I’ll… I’ll…”

“You’ll what?”

“I’ll… trade off some of the souls here in Heaven.”

End of Part Two


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[PART 1/3]

“But… I’m a demon!” I exclaimed at the baffling request.

“I know,” she responded with a tired tone.

“Then… why? Why me, out of anyone else?”

“Because I trust you, Xavier.” Skyler’s sweet, angelic, soft-spoken voice filled my ears, making me sick to my stomach. But I held it together.

“How can you possibly trust me?” I growled. “You’re an angel, shouldn’t you hate us?”

She left an uncomfortably long pause, leaving me irritated and impatient, before finally breaking the silence. “We aren’t supposed to hate you, and neither are the mortals who follow us. It’s the protocol of the Lord. We’re only supposed to love.”

That last sentence made me break down in laughter, almost choking on the pig’s blood I had just taken a sip of. It was almost impossible to believe that, seeing all the Christians out there that were judging, shaming, and belittling others in the name of their Heavenly Father. It was quite ironic if that wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

“What’s so funny?” I heard Skyler say on the other end of the phone.

“Oh nothing,” I replied. “Just the fact that so many people don’t even follow that protocol.”

I took another sip of pig’s blood before continuing. “No wonder so many people leave the faith,” I chuckled.

I expected her to respond with something like, “That’s not true! Our followers are very loving!” But she didn’t. She just remained silent.

“And besides, wouldn’t that bring a curse among humanity if I took your place as The Great Protector?” I finally said.

I was right. Legends had it that if a demon were to take the place of a guardian angel in mortal protection, than it would bring a curse of destruction and damnation to that person’s life, even if it was a life of holiness and righteousness. And, if the demon was powerful enough, it could spread that curse to many others. And since I was one of the most highly ranked demons in the kingdom of Hell, I knew that the human I protected wouldn’t be the only one who felt the wrath.

After all, I was the one responsible for watching over only the most dangerous of people during their lifetime.

“Oh, c’mon! That’s just a myth,” Skyler said. “I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. How could an spiritual adherent of the Holy Spirit be so delusional? Even I was being more reasonable than her. And I was normally a chaotic and reckless demon who loved watching the mortals on Earth suffer from the consequences of their immoral actions. And even I knew this was a bad idea.

“There’s no damn way I’m agreeing to that,” I told her.

“Please, Xavier! I’m begging you!” She began to sound less genuine and more desperate. “I’m so tired of being the Guardian Angel, and trying to always trying to be the top angel in Heaven. It’s so exhausting trying to protect the mortals when the world only continues to grow more dangerous and corrupted by the minute. I can’t do this anymore! I need a break!”

“Then why can’t you talk to God about it?” I asked abruptly.

“Because when we’re chosen to be the Guardian angel, we have to run for at least a century. But I can’t do a century! It’s too much!”

“Then ask God if you can take a break!” I yelled.

“I tried, but he told me that I must run the whole hundred years first. If I take a break now, no other angel will be able to cover for me. The mortals will be left without protection.” I could hear her voice begin to break as she tried to hold back the tears. “He even told me that I was strong, and I could handle it. He tried to give me hope and encouragement, but it didn’t work. It only made it worse on me.”

I never thought an angel could get so emotional. It genuinely seemed like she was on the verge of tears. I always remembered her being so bright, cheerful, and optimistic, and so hopeful for humanity and the future.

But this… this was different.

End of Part One