Xhiel_WRA t1_je5yofl wrote

It's not just the logical conclusion, as in they naturally developed on into the other. No, no. SFB just fucking turned into Teams one day.

If you used Skype for Business (and didn't pay M$ to keep it the fuck still for another year while you desperately try to get out from under technical debt) your SFB turned into Teams, as in the client un-installed itself and installed Teams.

Your DNS records for SFB sip? Yeah they didn't need to be changed or anything. They just work for Teams. Same infrastructure.


Xhiel_WRA t1_je5x0i5 wrote

It also exists as a solution for meetings, VoIP, etc. via a single app.

If you're actually using all of Teams' features, slack couldn't hope to realistically replace it.

If you're just using what Teams presents itself initially, slack is an obviously better choice.

Source: I work in an environment that is Microsoft bound for all software and teams is capable of some truly astonishing shit, but like 1% of people actually use it that way.