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Spend $20 on a Firestick, Google "Kodi" and follow the instructions. Now you have access to pretty much every live sporting event on the planet.



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You answered the question. Before they put the barricade up cars were using the bike lane to make the left turn from North to Howard more than bikes ever were. North Ave is generally a shit show on a good day, so putting in a bike lane was a waste of time and money.

Come to think of it, I don't know that I've ever seen a cyclist on North Ave.


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ReNew Mt Vernon is actually in Bolton Hill but they have a ground floor pool in the courtyard. Management sucks but for the most part the people who live there are really friendly. When I was there a few years back they had a lower price point than any other place listed so far.


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If you're ever in North Jersey and craving Rodizio, Newark has a couple restaurants that'll give you an authentic experience. Fogo is garbage in comparison.

There's a couple in NYC that are amazing as well, especially around the holidays when they have seasonal items.


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Yes, of course. You're exactly right. I guess from my perspective I just want to see people be able to live comfortably with affordable access to quality food. In some cases, that isn't possible without leaving though. I don't want to see your mother's family leave either but I also don't want to see them struggle just for the sake of staying, if there are better alternatives out there.


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In Bolton Hill you'll see them coming up from the train tracks. In Station North you'll see them early morning coming and going from the cemetery. Pretty common in both areas.