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Ok? So should we just reinforce the status quo forever?

And yet, even though the US is so mighty and powerful, it still relies on europe for plenty. Good luck being on computers without us europeans that invented and still invent plenty of the underlying technologies.

Yes, we don’t have shiny tech monopolies, but those american companies rely on european fundamental technology, R&D and production (like the famous dutch chip machines that are shipped to taiwan).

Point is, nobody can do it alone. We all (democracies) should work together.


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Yeah… because what we need is the US to be the AI tyrant of the world…

Cooperation (with friends) is better.

Ps: Also, LAION is european. This is an EU petition. So…


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Reply to comment by modeless in [N] ChatGPT plugins by Singularian2501

Well, you can use facebook, youtube, google calendar, etc. through safari/chrome/etc. on your phone too. Doesn't mean the experience isn't better when it is tailored to the platform you're using.

Having a lot of these platforms converted into chatGPT in the most ideal manner seems like a better way and more practical way to use it.


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Well... Here they are: (GPT-4)

> Why did the woman carry a large roll of paper around with her? She wanted to always have the last word!

> Why did the girl bring a ruler to bed? She wanted to see if she could catch some Z's!

> Why do women love shoes so much? Because they've found that one pair can completely change their life, just like Cinderella!


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Except this is different. Humans have physical and mental capabilities. If AGI replaces the latter, then there’s no new mental job that is going to humans, no matter how many of them are created.

Physical jobs? Yeah, probably: Until robotics advances enough. I don’t want to be a robot repairer nor a store clerk though. I like my “mental” job.


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Look, those people are indeed Luddites. Is it unjustifiable? Of course not! Back in the 19th century, luddites also feared for their livelihoods and acted in a way to try to ensure their survival, even if the way they went about it might not have been the best one. It’s normal.

I don’t think being a ‘luddite’ is inherently wrong. It’s just human nature.

So.. I don’t really understand what is so wrong about those comments you’re mentioning. Our time will come too and many more luddites will come.

Let’s focus on creating those safety nets.