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The airport was built a few years ago. The plan would simply give Palestinians a way to travel they didn't have before. And your excuse is even more lame than their dictator's.

All airports are security checkpoints, much of that prompted by Palestinians' pioneering work in aircraft hijacking.


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Some politicians arbitrarily decided that these areas should be free of Jews again like Jordan made them once, so they treat any Israeli construction there as a horrible provocation injurious to the prospects of peace. Edit: Without actually caring about the prospects of peace, if that wasn't clear.


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Muslims and other non-Jews are allowed to pray at the Western Wall. That arson attack is often blamed on Jews(as usual) but was not even done by one. Israeli police and the Jordanian Waqf have been preventing Jews from praying on the Temple Mount, bringing religious paraphernalia etc. And you are making excuses.