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Jokes are sometimes a way of discussing important topics. Sometimes by pointing out the absurdity of the situation or simply providing an opening from which discussion can proceed. Given that the Onion does that very thing, you shouldn't expect there to not be jokes in this sub. If you think a joke is lame, feel free to suggest how it could be made more respectful/funnier/whatever. Either you will improve the quality or you will piss off the teller by being a bossy know it all. Either one seems like it would be a win from your perspective.


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In the United States, the judiciary is considered a branch of government coequal with the legislative and executive branches.

Regardless, the courts draw authority from laws. These are required to not infringe on freedom of speech by the US constitution. So a court cannot properly interpret a contempt law in a way that would allow a 'contempt of court' citation to infringe on freedom of speech.


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You've substituted punitive (prison) for compensatory(money), but I'll go with your analogy. It's like if I drunk drove and ran you over and I spent 20 years in prison for my actions and then 80 years later along comes your great grandson and tries to jail my granddaughter's cousin's wife for my actions.