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I need to know the answer to my question first, I don’t accept solicitations. Are you being paid to do this or do you just lick boots for fun? If slobbering on that juicy boot is what helps ya shoot your goo, more power to ya, I just want to stand outside the blast radius if ya know what I mean?



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Well, first off they were the ones that chose to do it that way with the government’s permission. Second, it is intellectually lazy and irresponsible to say the corporation that mishandled hazardous materials shouldn’t bear the cost of fixing their mistake for any reason. They broke something, it’s their responsibility to fix it, that shouldn’t even be in question.


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Rather than feigning shock when people involved in the Olympics are corrupt, how about we acknowledge the fundamental problem with the Olympics as a institution that encourages this behavior? Bribery and cheating aren’t sullying the Olympics, the Olympics promote cheating and bribery because people don’t value competition, just winning.


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Those were ports that dynamically loaded the game to maintain high frame rates at the expense of graphical fidelity, seems like that takes a bit of work to pull off which is where we run into the paradox of adoption. Doing extra work for the Deck as a target platform would increase adoption rate of the Deck, but there’s no reason to do that until enough people adopt the Deck to make the work worthwhile. I hope Steam puts more weight behind the Deck as I could see a comparable Windows device overtaking it and competition is already on its heels.


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Imagine a platform where the goalposts move every year yet development takes multiple years. Gaming is going to shit trying to keep up with yearly leaps in graphics technology, yet for the second 4K capable generation games aren’t able to run at 4K 60 FPS consistently. And what the hell is with AMD’s naming scheme for graphics cards and why is NVidia’s so much better and easier to remember?


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Yeah, nowadays it’s a lot easier to make useful technology than it is to get widespread adoption of said technology. Unfortunately being profitable is more attention-grabbing than being useful.


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It’s interesting to see the reactions, a few seconds isn’t a lot of time but unless they can predict an Earthquake before it happens there’s no way to give people more time. Better to get a heads up than nothing, yay technology!