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How much policy do you think a member of the House's minority caucus gets to influence?

It's fine to be disappointed. I am too. He seemed like an effective communicator and a big positive for the Democratic Party, such as it is, but if not up, then out.

Why sit for two more years out of power just to get blocked again when the new House convenes in 2024?


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I like the Back 40 in North Kingstown. Food is good and interesting. They have a good beer selection too. Also feels like the only place open after 9:30 anymore.

I think the Cornerstone Pub in Exeter has food that's a cut above your typical bar fare.

In terms of overrated, I wish that I didn't feel ripped off every time I leave The Bridge in Westerly. It's such a great location that I want it to be worth it, but the bill at the end never really matches up to the experience.

Right across the way, though, it Bogue's Alley, a fantastic little deli, though technically it is across the state line in Pawcatuck.


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You can look up the businesses filing paperwork on the RI Secretary of State website. Look for the corporation search. It may give you the members of the LLC as well. You can then look them up also.