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The imagery is false. Let me ask you this: Do you generally see 10 noose executioners die for every 1 noose victim? Is the rate of attrition of soldiers a better measure of winning if it's a war of attrition? Is this even a war of attrition for you? Does Reuters provide any insight into Ukraine's military strategy at Bakhmut in this article or is it only focused on what Russia considers winning?

That's pro Russia. Or count the words from Russian officials, Russian fighters, other imagery in Russia's favour...

I agree with you that Reuters is excellent for unbiased reporting. This is what makes this article so frustrating. They're abusing what trust I have in them by portraying such a dire situation in Bakhmut.


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It's false imagery on so many levels. This is not guilty Ukraine being marshaled by legal authority Russia into a defeat at Bakhmut. Further, there is generally no risk to an executioner to hanging a convict with a noose. If, on the other hand, the executioner is the guilty one and you're way more likely to die executing someone with a noose, then yeah, that would make more sense because that's the truth of the matter according to what I would call a consensus of military analysis like the ISW, UK MoD, and CSIS on the situation at Bakhmut. This article ignores the bigger picture of the war which is strategically attritional and gaining ground in Bakhmut is not how you win a war of attrition.


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> Russia's state-run RIA news agency released a video clip which it said showed Russian Su-25 fighter jets roaring over Bakhmut. "We are glad they are ours," says a man in the clip identified as a Wagner fighter

Has there ever been a more pro-Russia worded article? Even from pro-Russia Reuters this one is bad!

OMG "tighten noose".


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> Beijing on Friday issued a proposal calling for a cease-fire and peace talks between Ukraine and Russia, but has also said it has a “no-limits friendship” with Russia and has refused to criticize Moscow’s invasion, or even to call it an invasion. It has accused the U.S. and NATO of provoking the conflict and condemned sanctions leveled against Russia and entities seen as aiding its military effort.

The reason that China cannot call this an invasion is simple. Because it is invasion it means Ukraine is able to invoke UN Charter article 51 rights to self-defence. If Russia is the aggressor, and the UN thinks so, 141-7 or 95% resolved, then everyone can legally aid Ukraine in their self-defence including sanctions and weapons. That's why China is taking on their irrelevant peace planning in an alternative reality where Russia is not the aggressor and basically carving itself into isolation with Russia.


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Russia as a whole needs to support the genocide campaign against Ukraine for it to happen. It wasn't Putin Khan shooting tied up people on the streets of Bucha. Russia is doing a thing and that thing is the crime of genocide.

Yes let's punish Russia. Remove any sense of pride their athletes might bring to bandage over their war criminal image.


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Well, yes apparently on this sanctions regime, but you see very effective solutions out there. Take NAFTA import duty-free terms and conditions (I'm a career functionary) as an example.

You have a penalties associated with breaches of the trade rules, and the income from the penalties are respendable revenue to bolster the auditing programs. So catching these guys is not just a slap on the wrist, it's a slap on the wrist, a hit to the pocket, and a guarantee that they'll be back for more. Those assholes wanting to risk making a quick buck end up paying the enforcement cost. Ask a Canadian or American about cross-border purchasing. If they do it, they know the rules, and they follow them.

We should not throw our hands in the air and give up.


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> "Given today’s unprecedented global challenges, we believe that solidarity among countries that share values of freedom, democracy, and rule of law is more important than ever," Park said.

Shared values is probably something that people born in the late 70s and later have been able to take for granted. We have been treated to a period where the pendulum of peace-war has swung toward peace. Muscovy can't compete on anything other than natural resources and willingness of brutality and so Putin Khan is thrusting the pendulum toward war. What a tragedy.