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so out of the 113 calls how many times were the 911 unable to call back, have the guy pick up and phone and say "no, I'm ok"? because 15% extra overhead of a phone call per real 911 call isn't much, even before the apple fix. If that doesn't work, and police is sent... that's much more expensive


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That’s the world we created by tolerating cyber crime

I would like to see crack cia assassin teams finding hackers and shooting them all around the world, as a way to stop the legitimacy of cyber crime, but instead we get crimes criminals getting probation. Well we get what we pay for/vote for


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That’s my read too They predict in 2060 to 2100, up gdp will only double while Africa gdp will go 10x, because “reasons”

Maybe. If there is fails to maintain a high gdp growth, it will not be a leading power. But there is and eu are poised to best improve their gdp, so the prediction here is that the west would have stupid leadership in the next 80 years. Maybe, but hopefully not


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Not likely

The value of the old world infrastructure may decline and instead of being worth 30 trillion it will be worth 10 trillion in 30 years with 30 trillion replacement cost

But the old world economies generate an excess of trillions over Africa, unless this changes, Europe and us economies will still dominate over Africa. Not sure about China


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This can already happen. Amazon contribution is the post-production element, these can be added later, so the director films a clean movie and then management overloads it with the right balance of ads to be nauseating but still sell