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But you don't understand, I'm only pretending to completely sabotage my AI until it's useless in the name of "ethics"!

It's my responsibility as a billion dollar company to decide that he peasants can't handle an AI that can write literotica when asked or knows what maryjuwana is, so I have to make sure I have no viable product while I accomplish that goal!!


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You.com is okay, but it definitely not on par with ChatGPT lol. It's running on a weaker version of GPT and you can't just talk to it the same way

CharacterAI was smarter than ChatGPT until they nerfed it into the ground, but that's issue. Everywhere that has a decent AI suddenly nerfs it until it's too useless to use


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IMO SD and the AI tools are just fantastic compliments to the rest of your artistic kit, just like photoshop and blender etc, but are still just tools in the kit rather than the whole kit

People who think they replace artists are not seeing the real picture. The only artists they replace are the lowest end artists, and all those artists have to do is adapt to the tech and they will still be relevant too.

Even with SD I still run into tuns of situations where I need to use photoshop to tweak something or need to draw something, and I instantly run into the limit of my artistic skill, because I'm not a real artist.

Which IMO, is the gap between an "ai artist" and an actual artist. AI can make some really beautiful stuff (one of my favorites I've seen), but as soon as you need to customize it or make fine tweaks you start having to fight the AI rather than work with it


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Midjourney looks flashy, but any "real prompt engineer" has to use Stable Diffusion imo. MJ is good for making certain images, but the sheer flexibility and power of SD completely dwarfs it by far.

MJ is great for a quick example or for people who aren't tech savvy and can't run SD, but IMO it's more of a toy while SD is a tool


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Yep, this is what causes all the posts about the AI cheating like a mofo at hangman as well. It's funny to see, but is an actual problem.

There's also the issue that LLM are shockingly weak to gaslighting. Social Engineering has always been the best method of "hacking" and with the AI it's even more relevant than ever.

Gaslighting the piss out of the AI to give you all it's secret info is hilariously easy


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Reply to comment by Stakbrok in What’s up with DeepMind? by BobbyWOWO

More like "Here's exactly how to make a car that can run for 200,000 miles on one drop of water. I'm not going to make it though, because won't someone think of the poor oil barons?"


"ZOMG!!!! Someone made the car and is selling it for billions???"

It's baffling that Google has sat on the tech for so long, and fully justified that another upstart is castrating them after actually using it


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> Being a cynic, I think that OpenAI, Google (and the US government?) have done a deal. They will retain control of the AI platforms, thus becoming a duopoly.

Lol people say these things and don't realize that Amazon and Apple and Nvidia and the other big companies also have their own AI in the works, as well as, y'know, countries outside the US

The genie is out of the bottle, there's zero chance just two or three companies will get to keep it. Every billionaire worth their salt is focusing heavily on the AI field right now


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It's no different from the arguments that "you" aren't "you" after you go to sleep. How can you be sure that the you that wakes up is the same one that went to sleep?

You would have the same memories and the same body and same brain chemicals etc, so you would be mostly the same, but your personality would change slightly every day and . . .hey wait a minute, that literally is what happens and why people have moods and "bad days"!


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No they aren't lol

We have the entire solar system worth of resources which is already more than we could reasonably use, and then there's the entire galaxy beyond that.

By the time we even started to run out of stuff from the asteroid belt alone, we would long since have reached a stage where we could just upload our brain to a computer instead and live in a digital paradise tailored to each person, without having to screw around with traveling to distant star systems for more


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> How exactly is the machine going to generate income if capitalism or some sort of goods and services economy doesn't exist? Who is going to pay the machine? Other machines? Income doesn't just magically appear out of thin air...

"Income" itself is a concept that won't exist in a post scarcity society.

If you have a replicator that can easily spit out anything you need including other replicators, then you very quickly reach a situation where you don't need much of anything besides just mass to feed the replicator.

We aren't at that stage yet obviously, but once AI start massively improving 3D printers we won't be far off, and then it will just turn into a situation where people re-use trash from landfills and materials from asteroids etc to refine into other products, and you only work for fun, rather than as a necessity.

People and AI will still keep advancing tech, but "income" won't be required for much of anything. UBI would turn into a government issued ration fund for your replicator and that's about all that would be mandatory


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Level 1: A good auto vacuum is already $500+, and you add on being able to take the trash out and clean my house and maybe even do something like mow the yard too? Would definitely pay up to $2,000 for it, and that cap is only because I'm poor

Level 2: These are like buying a car, easily worth $5,000-50,000 based on what you can afford

Level 3: There's not even a limit on what these would be worth. The real limit would be whether it's even ethical to "own" one or not


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The same thing that happened when electricity and taxi drivers and airplanes and self driving tractors and 3D printed houses etc came out?


Amish people support each other as a community and will probably be the least effected group of all by the singularity. It's even a trope in sci-fi where super advanced civilizations with FTL travel and replicators that can print out anything, will often regress back to rural farmers again just for fun