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> The child is effectively on temporary lifesupport, unable to express agency, and is currently a ward of the state.

> Keeping the baby in the mother is the best care they can provide, anything else would actively endanger the child. Where the mother is makes no tangible difference in this case.

So you agree the mother is then being forcibly used to keep another person alive, until such time the other person no longer requires life support. Which is illegal. Hmmm.


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> Who's the idiot who thought he was doing a public service by quoting me in a reply to me and then blocking me lol

Not really an idiot, they just pointed out that you only have 2 posts to your name, both on this thread, on a 5 year old account, with 9.8k karma. So you're probably just fishing for upvotes so you can sell your account, thus it's not really worth interacting with you. And yes. I'm aware I'm doing what I said wasn't worth doing.


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> Really! For what? For a bad joke?

I mean holocaust humor is pretty low quality humor to begin with, and mostly used by actual neo Nazis to test the waters

> That terrible offense happened more than 75 years ago! That Uniform Joke is a recurring choice among teenagers everywhere.

The length of time between now and when the holocaust occurred doesn't really matter. And when I was a teen, I never saw other teens dressed as Nazis. Only neo Nazis dressed like Nazis.

> What was the crime? Ignorance? Profound Ignorance maybe?

This. This sentence is the cringiest thing I've read today.


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> yet here they are not investigating crimes they know for sure happened and spending time on a crime that might have happened instead.

Yes, they're investigating a crime that might have happened to determine if the crime did in fact happen. This is how it works. You have to investigate to determine if a crime has taken place. Why is this a hard concept to grasp?


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> Yes, I would much rather have them investigating crimes that are actually occurring.

Did you know that a crime may actually be happening, but requires investigation to be sure? I know I know, it's a wild concept.

> Maybe this woman could make up that her dead father's ghost is stealing catalytic converters so they could investigate that instead.

The line between making a bullshit claim like that, and "hey my dad's a serial killer, might wanna check that out" is hilariously wide.